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Clan Loombane

Clan Felstrider's main and only ally, Clan Loombane is a young clan led by Matron Aldar. It was created in the ashes of Clan Tarron after the former clan was sacked and torn apart in its moment of weakness. The clan celebrates strength and cunning and banishes weakness and frailty of any kind.

Public Agenda

Clan Loombane's main goal is to grow strong and well-known among regional clans and possibly one day national clans. They seek fame and wealth by corrupting and infiltrating everywhere they can spread their influence.


Despite its youthful age, Clan Loombane holds quite an arsenal of human-made weapons as well as hell-forged tools. They also occupy many buildings in the downtown part of the city.


Matron Aldar birthed Clan Loombane out of the dust and destruction of Clan Tarron. She was the one who lead the coup against Clan Tarron's last Patron and successfully tore it apart in blood and stone. The new clan seized many of Clan Tarron's assets and Matron Aldar's loyalists came together to form the first Circle.


Most of Clan Loombane's territory is a select few buildings in the downtown region of the city. Their main base of operation is an old manor house in the heart of downtown that overlooks the nearby river. It is the former territory of Clan Tarron, and many insignias of Clan Tarron can be found scattered throughout their territory; these insignias are destroyed on sight by loyal Loomers.


Clan Loombane is small in number but strong in weaponry. They seized most of Clan Tarron's arsenal which consisted of many human weapons as well as older hell-forged weapons. The clan also possesses a few dae-beast, and their kennel is slowly growing.

Foreign Relations

They are shaky allies with Clan Felstrider; the treaty was almost forced, heavily pushed by Clan Felstrider's Patron Saturn. The two clans have vowed to protect each other in lieu of an attack by an outside force, and they do trade goods and services on occasion.

Agriculture & Industry

Clan Loombane's main industry is weapon creation, and their business has prospered since the enactment of their treaty with Clan Felstrider; materials are shipped freely up the river from the port to the clan, and the shipments are heavily guarded by both Striders and Loomers. The clan is also trying to get into the business of loans and shares through their extensive human relations.

Trade & Transport

With a central river running through the heart of Clan Loombane territory, shipping and receiving goods is extremely easy. The only downside is that the heavy traffic flow the clan receives leads to many thefts. Many of their goods are imported and exported through Clan Felstrider's port.


There are very few dae born into Clan Loombane yet, with the young age of the clan, but each dae is educated in the ancient arts of dae fighting, even the lowest ranking dae children. The smarter dae are learned on number and guile in the craft of trickery and manipulation. Most low-level dae do not learn to read or write unless they learn it from an outside source.

'Blelâ hi bânʼ âlut'ai, krovu.'
'Rise from the ashes, stronger.'

Founding Date
April 26th, 2003
Geopolitical, Clan
Alternative Names
Loom, Loombane
Government System
Power Structure
Unitary state
Economic System
Command/Planned economy
Major Exports
Clan Loombane's main export is weaponry, mainly guns and dae-inspired swords and staffs.
Major Imports
The clan heavily imports steel, copper, iron, and other rarer metals and materials to construct sturdy weaponry to be sold to other dae clans and humans alike. They also import food and coal from outside sources.
Legislative Body
The head matron or patron is responsible for creating the laws and rules of the clan. Their word is expected to be followed, and any disobeyers are forcibly exiled or executed.
Judicial Body
Clan Loombane's judicial body is known as the Circle. They are comprised of Matron Aldar's closest allies who aided her in overthrowing Clan Tarron. There are five in total, and they, alongside Matron Aldar, act as judge, jury, and executioner for Clan Loombane.
Parent Organization
Clan Tarron
New Marlun
Official Languages
Neighboring Nations
Related Ethnicities

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