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Warlock of Arch-Fey Cegilune Class & Level
Inheritor Background
Feytouched Halfelf Race
Chaotic Good Alignment

Strength 10
Dexterity 14
constitution 14
intelligence 13
wisdom 12
charisma 16
Total Hit Dice
Hit Die 1d8+2
2 proficiency bonus
11 Passive perception
0 Strength
2 Dexterity
2 Constitution
1 Intelligence
3 Wisdom
5 Charisma
saving throws
2 Acrobatics
1 Animal Handling
3 Arcana
0 Athletics
3 Deception
3 History
1 Insight
5 Intimidation
1 Investigation
1 Medicine
1 Nature
3 Perception
3 Performance
5 Persuasion
1 Religion
2 Sleight of Hands
2 Stealth
3 Survival
Hit Points
Common, Elven, Sylvan (Gained from by race but treated as part of the Pact), Draconic (Gained from by Background but treated as part of the Pact)
Spell Save DC: 13
Spell Attack: +5
Arcane Focus (tiny iron pot)
Scholar's Pack
  • backpack

  • a book of lore

  • a bottle of ink

  • an ink pen

  • 10 sheets of parchment

  • a little bag of sand

  • a small knife

Trinket-Piece of crystal that faintly glows in the moonlight
Trinket-A purple hankerchief embroidered with the name of a powerful mage.
Inhertance Item-Tattoo on his back (he has not seen yet)
Bound parchment notebook, 30 pages
  • 5 pages of notes, +2 to History rolls about Cegilune and Hags and Social Skill Rolls with Hags

I get bored easily. When am I going to get on with my destiny?
Personality Traits
People deserve to be treated with dignity and respect.
I have a family, but I have no idea where they are. One day, I hope to see them again.
Something has blocked the past from my memory and I am haunted by feelings of deja vu. Even worse, when I learn something about my past, I am not certain I like the person I was.
  • Darkvision (Racial) Can see in dim light within 60 feet as if it were bright light, and in darkness as if it were in dim light

  • Fey Ancestry (Racial) You have Advantage on saving throws against being charmed and magic can't put me to sleep

  • Skill Versatility (Racial) Gain proficiency in two skills (Perception & Persuasion)

  • Class Proficiencies Light Armor, Simple Weapons, Wisdom & Charisma Saving Throws, Arcana and Intimidation

  • Fey Presence Charm or frighten all creatures (spell save) in a 10' cube until the end of your next turn once per short or long rest

Features & Traits


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