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Session 1: Wheels begin to turn Report

General Summary

Having obtained a Rover on loan, four of the party depart Dunlee on a southwestern course. While attempting to get a navitgational fix they spot a sand storm on the horizon and try to run for the shelter of rock. Despite engine trouble, they make the hard push to the lee of a rock spire and wait.   The remaining two of the party, with recent spoils of a more foot-borne foray into a small ruin, are also in the storm. With visibility near zero they spot a pair of caves and make for them, using one of the large pieces of scrap to block the entrance.   The driver of the rover hears violin music from below the rover and thumps on the floor. The music stops, then starts again. sand psychosis sets in which alternately makes the driver catatonic or paranoid.   It is eventually discovered by those below that the cave they were in was the undercarriage of a rover. And those in the rover learn there are to people hiding from the storm underneath. An intrepid player opens a hatch to let themself out while accidentally releasing the parking brake and letting the storm blow in. A path is forced to the rear of the rover and a visual is made.   The maddened character snaps out of the psychosis to close the hatch, reset the parking brake, and turn up the air scrubber. Eventually they open the large rear tailgate hatch which allows the refugees to enter, along with even more sand and dust. Over introductions they get cleaned back up.   It is decided to open the deck plate to inspect the engine and a long red ribbon is found to be attached to a large plug which is blocking the intake. That is removed and the plate replaced with pinched fingers.   It is discovered that one of the pieces of scrap that was found was a pre-holocaust personal GPS device. A power cord is cobbled together and it is turned on but doesn't find enough sattelites to function. Some investigation discovers a few of the operations and the last map update which was before the collapse.   A long rest is had, while waiting for the storm to end. After the storm, the intrepid characters exit the rover to find an expanse of smooth, glittering frosted sand. It was night and quite cold. The rover was buried to the deck in sand and had to be excavated. A low piloting check on what should have been a gentle application of power to ease the rover out of the hole resulted in it launching up the ramp of sand and everyone not buckled in crashing to the back.   While setting personell seats an inexperienced driver attempts to move the rover and promptly buries it again. Grouchy excavators exit the rover, dig out and return.   Finally on their way, with new navigation that checks out, they travel across the sparlking sand to the destination of where some metal believed to be part of a crash landed flying machine. The recent storm reburied it and it was hard to find.   They discovered the aerial of a radio and followed it below the sand to a curved metal surface and a hatch. Excavation allowed entry into what appeared to be a highly advanced cockpit. Preliminary exploration revealed the find to be a preholocaust superheavy airlift.

Rewards Granted

Scrap. A used, now destroyed water heater, an electric charcoal starter and a GPS head unit.

Missions/Quests Completed

Successful navigation to area 1.

Odemark Reborn
Report Date
14 Jul 2019

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