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Seh-k'r of the Deep Dark

Seh-k'r of the Deep Dark

Born far underground in the Deep Dark, close to the Underdark, Seh-k'r has set out to discover what is left of the world after the collapse, to learn the truth about known history's most tragic event, and to find out what the people were like before, during and after the destruction of a world.

Physical Description

Body Features

Seh-k'r's fur is a pale, sandy, light brownish-yellow. There are two blackish stripes around the upper arms and lower legs. His relatively long tail has a black tip with two black bands alternated with buff bands. [Inspiration: Sand Cat] He has an 8 shoe size (EU 42).

Identifying Characteristics

Markings in his fur.

Physical quirks

Right handed.

Special abilities

She-k'r does not posses any special abilities.

Apparel & Accessories

Seh-k'r typically dresses in plain, sturdy and functional clothing. When possible, he prefers to patch up small defects, rather than replacing it.

Specialized Equipment

Seh-k'r is specialized in cartography and navigation. He has a fairly broad theoretical knowledge of history and technology.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Born to the Deep Dark tribe, living deep underground close to the Underdark, Seh-K'r grew up learning the stories of the world above, the event called the collapse and the journey his people took to come to their current location to escape destruction. He took great interest in those stories, wondering about what must have been wrong with the different people living back then to cause such an event to happen.
Being a restless youth, Seh-K'r spent a lot of his time exploring the area near his home, as well as the nearby Underdark. At first, he kept to the shadows, observing the various creatures and people he came across, but as the years passed, he grew more bold and decided to approach some of the strangers he encountered. These Drow would become his first non-Tabaxi friends.
At first, he only met these friends in no-man's-land, unsure either species would appreciate the friendship, but over time Seh-K'r decided he did not care, and was too curious about Drow society. Among the Drow, not only did he learn about them, but also about their stories and interpretations of the collapse and the surface world.
Intrigued by the stories of both species, and motivated by a small gift of a friend, Seh-K'r set out to discover a new world, learn about new cultures and to find the ancestral lands of the Tabaxi.
Seh-K'r has spent most of his time on the surface among Remtelen groups, most notably a nomadic group of Goliath and a small tribe of Lizardfolk. From each of them, he picked up some more knowledge about the strange ways of the surface world, and more stories about the collapse. The more he learned, the more he realized he did not understand the ways of the surface dwellers responsible for the collapse. Also, he found it hard to understand the reasoning and ways of many of the current surface people. However, to Seh-K'r, that was no reason to head back to his own people. The strange disconnect was almost like a challenge to understand these people, where they came from since the collapse, and who their pre-collapse ancestors might have been.

Personality Characteristics


Seh-k'r aims to discover the true history of the Collapse, and wants to find out what happens on the surface since his tribe departed the surface for the Deep Dark. He is interested in how the people have adapted to their new environment, and in what has changed, and remained the same, during all the centuries that have passed.

Savvies & Ineptitudes

Seh-k'r is extremely perceptive, fairly stealthy and quite knowledgeable, but he is anything but athletic and strong.

Vices & Personality flaws

Curiosity probably is Seh-k'r's biggest flaw.

Personality Quirks

Seh-k'r constantly fidgets with a small ball of yarn.


Religious Views

Seh-k'r is agnostic. Gods may well be real, but the fact the Collapse got to happen is proof to him those distant beings care little about the world and its people. He respects the spirituality he witnessed from elders of his tribe, revering the ancestors for their actions, strengths and sacrifices. Seh-k'r despises the deification and veneration of mundane items, although he tends to keep that to himself, especially around Juxtalen.

Current Location
Ruins of Old Dunlee
Chaotic Neutral
The Deep Dark
Current Residence
Biological Sex
Being a Remtelar, Seh-k'r has been raised in a world where genders matter little to nothing for anything but reproduction purposes. [TBC]
Gender Identity
Greenish-Yellow, Catlike
pale, sandy, light brownish-yellow fur.
Skin Tone
pale, sandy, light brownish-yellow fur.
4'10" (1m47)
90lb. (40.8kg)
Known Languages
Common (Native Remtelen), Draconic, Giant, Undercommon, Thieves' Cant

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[oc: session 4; More Loot, Less Pillage]
14th of Stockade 803PC 21:35

After dispatching our unwelcome upstairs fellow occupants of the airplane, we continued looking for ways to salvage the more interesting items for ourselves, including the rover. We figured it would not be impossible to dig out the rear hatch, but it would take a long time; longer than we have now. There has to be something on this large vehicle that could be of aid to us. Over the next few days, while looking over the controls to the plane, and flipping through the documentation I found up there, I discovered the plane has two 'APUs', or Auxiliary Power Units, which may be able to power the rover up. I also found out there are several power cables within the plane that can be detached without destroying them, which we might be able to use for that as well.   Gamma and Nemora went to dig out the area where one of the APUs should be, while me and Kole prepared the inside of the plane. Unfortunately, we discovered that the APU was practically completely filled with sand, rendering it useless unless we would clean it out completely. For the most part, that was not overly difficult, since Aponia was able to create a set of maintenance tools from some scrap metal Gamma carried around. However, we could not get into the compressor to clean that out in the same way we were able to clean most of the rest. At this point, I noticed the disease suppressant had worn off, and symptoms began to resurface. Mentioning this to the others, Gamma somehow produced something from one of his bags I would never have expected: a mushroom home to the Underdark called "Traveller's Boon", which, among others, cures diseases.   Nemora took me inside to take care of the disease, while Aponia would carefully knock a small hole into the compressor, so we could clean the inside, before magically resealing it. Unfortunately, Aponia turned out to be more clumsy than expected, and damaged the compressor beyond our skill to fix, so we have little choice but to seek outside help, so we disconnected the now broken APU and loaded it into the rover.   In the meantime, I had another look at the navigational computer. As the roof of the rover was up, something caused the device to wake up and start updating. The map it showed was obviously far out of date, but it was not hard to determine roughly what locations on there had become what locations today. The device had a marked destination in the ruins North of Dusholl, and seemed to have originated from the ruins near Hadond. It might be worth investigating both of these locations.   With the APU loaded, and a plan to head to the ruins of Old Dunlee to find salvage to sell, we refueled the rover with the appropriate fuel we found inside the airplane. We also took a pick of supplies from this treasure cove (some food supplies, one sandbag loading station, a bunch of empty sand bags and a solar still), as well as the fuel pump, cables and hoses, and headed toward the ruins.   Nemora took me aside for a moment, and asked me if I knew about tomes of lore and magic. It has become uncommon for such forms of magic to exist nowadays, but it is said it once was far less rare. Such books might still exists somewhere, perhaps in undiscovered vaults or ruins, or maybe in private Amerite collections. Alternatively, the Juxtalen might have access to one or two of these books, but those might not be easy to get access to.

[oc: session 3; In the Belly]
11th of Stockade 803PC 15:00

Nemora, Kole and myself conducted further investigations inside the crashed vehicle, while Gamma, Aponia and Vaughn worked on digging out the side door to allow us better access. I made sure to approach Nemore while Kole was occupied elsewhere to ask her about what she really is, and the thing she had shown Kole, making sure to be clear I simply wanted to help her if she wanted, but would be okay if she did not. Apparently, she is a Shadar-Kai, a subspecies of Elves. She told me a little about them, but I believe she may not know a lot about her species herself, especially given what else she told me.   All seemed to be going well at first, but it did not take too long before Gamma came to get us. Apparently, out of nowhere, Vaughn had disappeared in a flash of light, as a thunderclap sounded, leaving nothing but charred boot prints. A quick investigation gave us no clear answers as to what had happened? Maybe there was some weird magical feedback that caused the explosion, of perhaps the vehicle we are investigating has some hidden anti-mage weapons? Perhaps we will discover the truth later, or perhaps we may never know what truly conspired?   Unfortunately, our investigations, and perhaps what happened to Vaughn, also had drawn the attention of the Dabbeck upstairs. As they descended the stairs, however, it appeared these Dabbeck were a favourite snack of the large adult sand crab hiding in the sand below those stairs. After one of them was snatched off and devoured, the other Dabbeck retreated. This, however, was a sign for us we could not let those creatures roam upstairs any longer. The sand crabs might migrate without us noticing, and we may not notice them coming the next time. Furthermore, we can't really let them spread whatever made them into what they are across the downed flying machine.   Gamma managed to, for a lack of better words, befriend the sand crab, and along with Nemora, who is capable of speaking with animals via magic, managed to come to an accord of sorts. It will remain here as long as we provide food, but I am not certain it does not consider us food still as well, perhaps with Gamma as the sole exception. For the moment, however, it left us alone, as we, after taking some anti-virus not to be contaminated by them, engaged the Dabback. Several were drawn down one by one, and were fed to the sand crab until it was full. Between a handful of other Dabbeck and Gamma, however, the stairs were unable to take the weight and collapsed, turning the engagement from a funneled fight to one where Gamma was engaged with several of these foul creatures.   Between Gamma and Kole, they seemed quite capable of dealing with the Dabback, but Nemora turned to leave the cramped confinements and headed to the rover. I assumed this was because she might not have been a warrior like Gamma and Kole, and decided to follow her, since my expertise also is not with the blade, but also because I felt it would be unwise to leave Nemora alone outside. As it turned out, Nemora's action was to draw me, and possibly Kole, away from the danger as she was unsure we were able to hold our own in a fight. While Kole remained, she did leave me with her cloak in the rover, revealing a small armoury worth of weapons (I think I counted at least 8 daggers, a rapier and some sort of spiked chain that she wore like a belt?), before she returned to the fight. Deciding to take the hint, and not follow her back, I decided to instead spend some time working on the navigational computer until they would come to get me.   Nemora, Gamma and Kole dispatched of the Dabback that had came down, but we could not know for sure there were none left unless we would go up there ourselves. Our best shot at that, we decided, was for me to climb up, take a quick peek to see if things appeared safe, and if so, secure a rope and throw it down to the others. The upstairs, we quickly found, were no longer home to Dabback, but we did encounter some other, although related, strange creature. This appeared to be a puddle of molten Dabback(?). Gamma had remained behind until then, not wanting to risk breaking the ropes if it was not necessary. Nemora and Kole took position in front of me to engage the abomination, and I realized this was not a situation in which retreating was a viable option. Combat may not be what I excel in, but I could at least try to help out where possible, preferably without angering Nemora by doing so. I am unsure if our earlier conversation has anything to do with her behaviour toward me?

[oc: session 2; Down the Hatch]
11th of Stockade, 803PC 12:00

Going down the hatch was like stepping into another world, a world that was the flying machine #8766. Navigational and mechanical equipment on a larger scale in such a small area; a true nerve center to a potential very large beast. Other than a folder of navigational documents, maintenance records and cargo manifests, this area held various items of personal interest, but nothing to be considered a big prize salvage wise. However, here we also encountered one of the desert's pests; a swarm of basquitos. Despite initially trying to leave them alone, we were forced to take on these hostile creatures and destroy as many of them as possible.   Unfortunately, after having a short rest, it seemed at least one of these creatures was a carrier for grit fever, and managed to infect me. Luckily, after inquiring with our medic a little later, she found a stash of disease suppressants on the rover. Before I had fully awoken though, Nemora and Kole were having a conversation nearby, seemingly unaware of me. Nemora seemed to be inquiring after something I caught only a brief glimpse of, later mentioning she wanted to keep it secret. I would have considered the possibility of it being a dream or hallucination, were it not for the fact I saw Nemora sneak the object back into her bag later on.   Feeling extremely reinvigorated by the medicine, I felt eager to get back to exploring the crashed flying machine. We quickly went through the last bit of the area we explored previously, before heading down into the bowels of the vehicle. I don't think any of us had imagined how big this thing would be, especially given how cramped the nerve center had been. It seemed like you could fit an entire Juxtalen town into one of these, and perhaps even have some spare room.   According to the cargo manifest, there should be a large supply of fuel, Pre-Collapse weapons, ammunition and food; although those probably have been long gone. Of most interest, however, is that this transport should also contain a military grade rover. Recovering that would likely be a serious upgrade for us. We did not have to look around very long to find the rover, which had been modified and was far more technologically advanced than the loaner rover we used to get here. It's all above my head, but then again, mechanics were not what I was there for. Kole inspected the vehicle for a little while to see what's what, but was unable to start the rover. He mentioned the batteries being dead after roughly 900 years, and needing a pump of some sorts to bring them back to life. Unfortunately, it seemed the rover's maintenance equipment was not part of this shipment.   Further exploration revealed one, possibly two side entrances, a rear entrance and a front ramp to this flying vehicle. The rear entrance appeared to be open, going by the amount of sand inside, which was home to at least a handful of sand crabs. The most disturbing discovery, however, was what we encountered on the rear upper deck. Given that we did not want to disturb potential sand crabs living underneath the stairs leading up there, I climbed the walls to have a quick peek. Upstairs, I noticed six humanoids shambling about, realizing these only could be 900 year old Dabbeck; zombie-like creatures transformed by some terrible bio plague weapon of the past. I was not aware it was possible for such creatures to still exist, only showing once again the horrors that happened during the Collapse.

[oc: session 1; Wheels Begin to Turn]
11th of Stockade, 803PC 04:00

After finding a pilot and mechanic, along with Vaughn,another Tabaxi who is some kind of magic user, we set off in a rover the pilot, Kole, had access to. The vehicle sounded a little off, but my expertise is not with such things, and both pilot and mechanic, a centaur named Aponia, don't seem overly worried about it. On our way, we got overtaken by a mild sandstorm, and had to hunker down for roughly 10 hours. During this time, we discovered two other travelers had mistaken the underside of the vehicle for a small cave, and used it to hide from the storm.   We invited these strangers to shelter inside the rover, which proved to be the right choice almost immediately. Nemora, whom at first glance looked to be a Drow but now that I've spent more time with her, there are too many signs that set her apart from the Drow I have known in my past, as well as the more hateful Drow of (children's) stories, and Gamma, who hides himself as well as he can from view, but I am fairly certain he is some kind of construct, although he seems different from the warforms or servitude forms of constructs that were common before the collapse. It might be worth keeping these two interesting individuals around to learn more about them. What was perhaps as important was what they brought with them; two pieces of pre-collapse artifacts. One was a device that was used to start fires. The other, more interestingly, was an electronic personal navigational device containing pre-collapse maps. I have borrowed the device for research purposes, and to cross examine it with current maps to find potential hidden troves of treasure and knowledge.   After digging out the rover when the storm had passed, we set about our way again. During the storm, Kole had been fidgeting with the engine, and apparently fixed something, because the ride got incredibly more smoothly afterwards. In no time, we reached the location of where the crashed flying machine should be at. Of course, the sandstorm had covered it almost completely, but between myself and Nemora, we quickly located the little bit of aerial sticking out of the sand. We did not have to dig far to find more of the vehicle, but a hole in it, which might have been a blown off hatch, meant it was filled with a lot of sand. We spent quite some time digging, discovering the flying machine was far bigger than I had expected beforehand, before Nemora headed inside. I tried to be patient and wait for her to get back to us, but curiosity got the better of me quickly.


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