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The Fluffy Slug (/ˈfləfē sləɡ/)

Purpose / Function

The fluffy slug is a tavern run by Lydia and Moss, both of which are some of the highest ranking members of the Guild Lyre . The Fluffy Slug is a pitstop for weary adventurs, traveling artists, and bright eyed shopkeepers who need to make a bit of extra cash, or who need someplace to stay and unwind over some drinks.
The bar was going to be a meeting place for the guild but a bright-eyed 18 year old Lydia saw more potential in the shabby fixer upper her family decided to buy.


At first, the bar was nothing more than a shabby old house, left to rot or be blown over by the strong Lycanvour winds. The wood had to be completely swapped out, and the foundations needed to be rebuilt from the ground up. After about three months of modification, the shop opened being nothing more than your standard bar. After more and more requests for taskboard, it was added 6 months into the taverns creation. And about a year later, the marketplace was added after the place was expanded.
Despite the many requests for an inn to be added, Moss refuses to include one. He believes that the accommodations would cost too much to upkeep with all they already have to deal with. Even though Lydia initially insisted to building the inn, she eventually agreed to not.    


The taskboard is the main attraction and reason the Fluffy slug is in business. Guild Lyre was running low on money, and Lydia had the idea to start a tavern to get some money drumming up. Locals would come to the bar and post their jobs for guild members to do, then they would be compensated. Once the guild gained stable funds, Moss suggested they open the board to non-members, and It was an instant hit!  


The Fluffy slug has a small set of 3 stalls set up near their taskboard where traveling merchants can set up shop, so long as they can pay the (mostly cheap) rent. Only 25% of their money made goes to the guild , but anything traded or given to the shopkeepers is rightfully theirs. Employees will help set up their booth, and if anything is broken in the process (items, decorations, etc.) the guild is obligated to pay for it or replace it.  

Wine Cellar

The most recent addition to the Fluffy Slug is the wine cellar, which was added not but two months ago. A friend of Moss, Sozkin had the idea to suggest that they start making their own wine. After a few weeks of experimenting, they created the first-ever bottle of "Fluffy Fuzz" a fizzy alcoholic cider. After a few taste tests and positive reception, it began to be sold.


The building looks like that of a simple two-story house. It has a triangular roof that curves slightly upward at the ends, with wooden poles that hang lanterns off the ends of them. It's mostly made of light oak, with some sections being made of dark alder (like the door and window frames). It has sharp square windows made of clear glass and a large outwards opening door. Multiple potted plants, stools, and patches of flowers can be found both inside and outside of the building.  


The bar is made of the same wood as the outside, but all of the counters are much more polished and clean. The shelves are all handmade by Moss and look just slightly lopsided. Hints of silver and gold can be found incorporated into the barstools, kegs, and glasses, as decoration.


The fluffy slug is protected by a young furred dragon, lovingly named Geraldine by some of the regulars at the tavern. She's not much younger than some of the new furniture, being only two years old. The real defense the bar usually has are large bouncers that are regularly hired. Adventures who want a break from all the monster-slaying and fit the qualifications can be paid a decent wage to guard the tavern.
In times of war or hostility, security is highly tightened, installing temporary watchtowers and even sirens to help evacuate anyone within. A few small crisis bunkers can be accessed from behind the bar. Only high-ranking guild members or employees can access it.


Originally the Fluffy Slug was an old vacation home owned by the Moris Family and was used often But after the death of princes William and Woodson the house was abandoned due to how nearby their death location was to the house. It was sold and bought for dirt cheep by the Guild Lyre  only a year after its abandonment.


The Fluffy Slug is a well-renowned bar across many countries in Blight, due to reviews, sponsors, and even some of the merchants that stop by.   


The Fluffy slug allows patrons to write any review they would like, negative or positive, then allows them to spread their review using any media they may like for a small payment. Multiple food gurus and celebrities have stopped to eat at their tavern, including popular explorer and singer extraordinaire Cerinee 


One of their biggest sponsors is the Guild itself, but Cerinee and her adventure team love to pay for any repairs or supplies they may need for their shop. They are also sponsored by Jamz and most of the Moffling villages, though they can't pay much seeing as the concept of currency is still a bit foreign to them. Other popular shopkeeps like Stitches and Sahvahh also enjoy advertizing the store (though it is highly speculated it is out of a want for money, not an enjoyment of the bar.)
Founding Date
03 - 16 - 3014
Pub / Tavern / Restaurant
Parent Location

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Mar 24, 2022 04:08 by Ezra Aldrich

This sounds really neat. I like the idea of both the taskboard and the three merchant stalls. I wonder what sort of wares I'd find. The dragon sounds adorable. Are people able to pet her? : o It's a shame Lydia can't get them to turn it into an inn, but I can also understand the other side of it. The cider sounds tasty. Are there any unique dishes served here? I love the name as well. Splendid article~ c :

Mar 24, 2022 15:39

First of all, yes Geraldine can be pet! Though it takes a few visits before she becomes comfortable being held or played with by customers.   And I'm currently writing up the menu! They have a variety of dishes, usually ones from the Moffling village, but they also use recapies purchased from any chefs that set up in the marketplace.

Mar 24, 2022 16:01 by Ezra Aldrich

Ooooh, neat. I'd totally pet the fuzzy dragon if I befriended her. uwu

Mar 24, 2022 15:11

Early on you have "bright eyed who need"..... bright eyed what? If bright eyed is a term it should be "the" bright eyed, or have something for bright eyed to describe. A little later on you use uphold, when i think you meant upkeep.   I also found it bit strange that a guild short on money would open up a place with a job board. I can see how the merchant stalls and tavern itself would bring in money, but how much would that be offset giving out rewards for completing quests? It is also a bit strange that you have it "offer a place to rest" but there is no inn portion. Are there any rooms for rent, or do people sleep in the common room if needed? Or is there perhaps an inn nearby?   You did a great job overall though, usually I ask questions to try to get people to think about things, not as any sort of fault in the work, and that is definitely the case here. I love the logical expansions to the place over its history and the dragon seems adorable. You could expand on the staff a little more if you want

Updated soon.
Mar 24, 2022 15:32

Ah, the "Bright eyed" was actually I typo, I will change that! And I probably should have elaborated better that the jobs posted on the board are actually given by townspeople, not the guild itself. Basically, it's supposed to be, townspeople go to the bat because they want the guild to solve the problem, So ill elaborate better on that part. And as in rest I mean "Stop for a while" more, less actually staying there, so I'll change some of my wording.   Thank you for the suggestions!

Mar 24, 2022 16:11

Typo, *board not bat!