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the Forged God

The deity of labor and craftsmanship. He takes the form of a large suit of fortress plate, and often seen employing a destructive-looking earthbreaker. Despite the intimidating figure, Xeddros is rather passive. Though there are a handful of things that he can get passionate about; smithing, exploring uncharted caves in search of rare metals, observing the more technologically advanced races and companies make progress, and researching the way to give a soul to a construct. The last one in particular is a personal pursuit; inside of his armor is not a person, but is instead filled with fine, uncountable systems of clockwork. Even though he possess no flesh or bone, or any resemblance of it, he can think, feel, and experience emotion like others. This is a subject of much study between himself and Ysryn, who holds domain over souls in Tepherial – and by extension, their followers. Xeddross occasionally brings any findings he has to Ysryn in order to receive her thoughts on the matter. When he is not on the subject, he spends most of his time working, or finding new ways to work. Being a master smith, he is privy to all sorts of techniques in the creation and enchantment of arms and armor. He resides in the continent of Efoth. It is located about six months worth of travel by cloud elf zeppelin to the north by east, and is several times larger than Nephai. He does not rule the governing body there, but is the head of a coalition of crafting guilds there. Though it may not be equally reciprocated, he considers his closest allies to be Chevalier, Ziohr, and Ysryn. He is friendly with The Grey Goddess and Dune Dulios, considers Ophemis an honorable rival, is indifferent of Shaharlid'mun, and disdains The Fed Goddess.

Divine Domains

Forges, Fire, Metal, Creation, Constructs, Sentience
Artifice, Earth, Fire, Knowledge, Law, Magic, Protection, Rune
Alchemy, Construct, Industry, Toil, Metal, Thought, Defense, Fortifications, Language

Tenets of Faith

Favored Weapon
All weapons in the hammer group
Divine Classification
Lawful Neutral


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