One of the four galilean moons of Jupiter, and one of the most important worlds of the Iron Pact. It has been successfully terraformed, and remains one of the denser populated worlds of the Jupiter Subsystem (and, by extension, the Iron Pact). It is also one of its major center of industry, although different one that what Io boasts.


Ganymede has been partially melted, creating a handful of shallow seas. The rest was left as is, with a layer of artificial insulation at the bottom of the sea, made to prevent the rest from slowly melting. This makes Ganymede into a terrestrial planet not unlike Earth, with a mixture of continents and oceans. The planet is otherwise notable only by the fact that there is some temperature variation.

Natural Resources

Ganymede's relative closeness to Europa and Io together with its tectonic stability and high population (and less pleasant climate than the one on the capital world of Callisto) made it a notable center of industry - or, at least, the 'lighter' industry than what Io has on its surface. It also refines a lot of materials harvested from Io, due to being fundamentally more stable.
Distance from Sun: 778.57 million km
Distance to Jupiter: 1.07 million km
Diameter: 5268 km
Solar Constant: 0.073
Mass: 0.025 Earths
Mean Density: 1.936 kg/l
Day Length: 7.155 Earth days
Year Length: 11.862 Earth years
Rotation Axial Tilt: <10 degrees
  Avg. Temperature per Latitude
poles: 11 C
75 deg: 13 C
60 deg: 14 C
45 deg: 15 C
30 deg: 16 C
15 deg: 16 C
equator: 17 C
Type: Moon [Terraformed]
Location: Jupiter Subsystem
Status: Colonized
Population: ~19mln
Iron Pact


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