One of the four galilean moons of Jupiter, and one of the most important worlds of the Iron Pact. It has been successfully terraformed into one of Solar System's premiere Ocean Planets, with the Iron Pact using it as its main Agricultural World. It is, otherwise, a largely unremarkable globe, with the smallest population of all the galilean moons.


Europa is an Oceanic Planet - an ocean (and particularly deep one) covers entirety of its surface. There is a number of small islands, however those are entirely artificial, created in order to help local ecosystem thrive. After all, it's hard to expect birds on your planet when they have no place to lay their eggs in. As a result, their placement is rather random, each of them typically including a handful of small isles in close-proximity, with the equally artificial, shallow seabed between them.   At least some of those are artificial to the point of de-facto floating through the planet's ocean, in a manner similar to the floating cities housing the European population.   Like most Outer System worlds, this is a monoclimate world that is protected from freezing only by powerful (and artificial) greenhouse effect. One of the results of that is lack of seasons and almost no temperature amplitude (with normal temperatures, planetwide and yearly, being 14 to 16C). Water also accumulates in the atmosphere, resulting in a close to 100% humidity, with actually rather weak rains. It's, in short, not a very pleasant place to live in.


Contrary to what one might expect from an Oceanic Planet acting as an Agriculture World, Europa's ecosystem is rather scarce. There is only a very limited of shallows that allow more complex biomes to develop - most of them artificial. Instead, majority of the locally-grown food isn't taken from the sea 'naturally' - instead, every of the world's floating cities is surrounded by fish (and other seafood) farms. Even if something escapes from them, chances of contaminating local ecosystems in any way are minuscule to none.


Europa is one of the first places within the Jupiter Subsystem to be visited and colonized by humans, with only the outermost moon of Himalia being visited prior to it. At least partially Europa was chosen due to the Jupiter region being first visited by europeans autocrats of the first Iron Pact - getting Europa to be theirs was seen as a form of a propaganda move.   It was temporarily the seat of the government of the Jupiter Subsystem before it was moved to Callisto following its terraformation. Other than that, its history is mostly unremarkable.
Distance from Sun: 778.57 mil. km
Distance to Jupiter: 0.671 mil. km
Diameter: 3122 km
Solar Constant: 0.073
Mass: 0.008 Earths
Mean Density: 3.013 kg/l
Day Length: 3.551 Earth days
Year Length: 11.862 Earth years
Rotation Axial Tilt <10 degrees
  Avg. Temperature per Latitude
poles: 13 C
75 deg: 14 C
60 deg: 15 C
45 deg: 15 C
30 deg: 15 C
15 deg: 15 C
equator: 15 C
Type: Moon [Terraformed]
Location: Jupiter Subsystem
Status: Colonized
Population: ~14mln
Iron Pact


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