One of the four galilean moons of Jupiter, and one of the most important worlds of the Iron Pact. It has been successfully terraformed - perhaps the most successfully of all moons of Jupiter. Today it is the Iron Pact's capital world, and the place generally considered to be the nicest place to live within the Jupiter Subsystem.


The best way to describe the Callisto's climate is 'eternal warm spring'. What's more, it is a dead object - there is no notable volcanic activity to speak off, resulting in large degree of tectonic stability (unlike, for example, Io).   It has been terraformed through partial Ground Insulation method, which means that while the icy surface layer of the planet was melted, the rest wasn't. As a result, it has a mixture of land and seas (not unlike Earth), with a massive number of lakes created within the old impact craters.


Practically the entirety of Callisto has a climate roughly similar to the temperate regions of Earth. As a result, the ecosystems transplanted here mostly came from those parts of the Homeworld. With pleasant and stable climate, and lack of heavy industry, those lifeforms manages to thrive.
Distance from Sun: 778.57 mil. km
Distance to Jupiter: 1.883 mil. km
Diameter: 4821 km
Solar Constant: 0.073
Mass: 0.018 Earths
Mean density: 1.834 kg/l
Day Length: 16.689 Earth days
Year Length: 11.862 Earth years
Rotation Axial Tilt: <10 degrees   Avg. Temperature per Latitude
poles: 12 C
75 deg: 14 C
60 deg: 15 C
45 deg: 16 C
30 deg: 16 C
15 deg: 17 C
equator: 17 C
Type: Moon [Terraformed]
Location: Jupiter Subsystem
Status: Colonized
Population: ~23mln
Iron Pact


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