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North American League

[OVERVIEW] Following the collapse of central governance in both the United States and Canada, with much of Canada's population later migrating into the States, the surviving government of the US slyly annexed Canadian territory by allowing them to retain their Canadian identity while becoming vassalized.   The remnants of the national and local governments from the United States and Canada now claim joint authority over these territories as a newly formed government called the North American League. The two national governments exist largely only in name anymore, as much of Canada's weary population moved south into this region where the US was eager to accept their support of legitimacy in exchange for peace and an opportunity.   The integration was initially met with a mixture of both arms and resistance, sometimes even erupting into open conflict. Over time the tensions have settled, with no small degree of help from the newly formed joint-military known as the North American Unified Command who is known for their prolific use of martial law. There is little tolerance for rebels or criminals in this new land as they're met with the fist of the law as punishment for endangering the community, with food a commodity, they're often exiled or executed.
Political, Confederation
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