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Set in the not so distant future of 2220. More than 150 years ago mankind found itself at the edge of collaps. Overpopulation and ressource-shortage had grown into unmanagable problems. By the year of 2061 large groups of brave humans left their struggling world in hope to find new, habitable worlds. What they found were the colonies of other species, and just like it is the human way, they waged war over those worlds...   Whilst mankind was fighting among the stars, a bit more than ten years later, in 2072, the third worldwar wiped most of the remaining humans from earths surface. (After all, we didn't need aliens to destroy the earth...)   Now, in 2220, the humans are a seperated species, split between humans - those who left earth in 2060ties and terrestrians - the humans that remained and survived after the nuclear war of 2072.   Within that 150 years things have changed, albeit not always to the better... Whilst mankind joined the alliance (a coalition of different species) and peacefully shares the galaxy with a plethora of other species, mass-migrations, wars and age-old conflicts still shatter the galaxy. The core-worlds are rich, but the rimworlds are desolate and poor, equality is just a word. In the best case you are born into wealth, in the worst case you are a drifter. Vagabound, pirate, fortune hunter, smuggler - the name has as many meanings as there a drifters. Persons that don´t exist officially, living their lifes in the shadows or the darkness of space, doing the work no-one that officially exists wants to do or can do.   Smuggling, raiding, espionage, assassination, the list of jobs is long, a drifter's life however, usually isn't... Most just sink back into darkness, die somewhere ot there on the streets or in the cold vasteness of space. But some manage to pull trough, to become true masters of their field. Sought-after talents, because nobody knows the abyss of space so well as those who live in it...