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Nanba the Bananakin

Nanba Hollobadger Arazome is a Bananakin, a banana humanoid, with the power of tropics and tropical good vibes. His friend, Ananas Ringol PeƱasco, is an Anarilla, a pineapple humanoid with the power of tropical sun and deserts. You can usually see the two of them on the boardwalk of Anarill resting after a wave.

Physical Description

Body Features

Nanba is a Bananakin. His yellow skin shines with the stars as space graced his fined and pressed down scales. There is some stigma for a bananakin since he is a nudist. Ok, maybe nudist in your world means something different when it comes to humans. Banana Nudists still wear clothes, they just have softer, more sensitive skin than their armoured counterparts. Nanba decided to be a nudist because of the seas of the Black Marble. The feel of space and its weirdness in full glory.

Personality Characteristics


He has a heart for the tropics, but he longs to see the world. That's one reason why he travelled alone. He's currently raising enough money for a space car to put his stuff in.
Pink Monkey
Young Adult
Biological Sex
Most Bananakins, like Nanba, don't think about gender. The Armoured Bananakins focus on gender neutrality and the Nudist Bananakins are more focused on exploring the many-dimensional axes that is gender. To Nanba, they like to explore Ananas' hometown and all things set from the beach.
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
Quotes & Catchphrases
"Always make direct eye contact when eating a banana."

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Author's Notes

heppi nine onest

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