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Grinder the Human

Proto White Lightning

Lin-Ivor Tanngnj├│str, known as Grinder in superhero circles, is a human from Thorrig. He is also in the Proto League as Proto White Lightning.

Physical Description

Body Features

Lin-Ivor's skin is somewhat yellow, with a scruff russet beard. Something is tying his hair back into that Thorrigian zig-zag tuft.

Facial Features

He has a forever unhappy face. Do you know about that one look shopkeeps have? Think of that expression and put it on a mask, a mask Lin-Ivor hot glued on his face since conception.

Special abilities

Grinder is one of those humans that have superpowers like lightning, but then I would be lying. The only thing fantastical for someone on earth is his ... goatliness. Goats are like humans, right? They can climb mountains, jump far, they eat.

Apparel & Accessories

Lin-Ivor out of his heroics wears serious spacious pants with a white shirt put in a washer with a yellow sock. Usually, whenever he wants to get out of his mother's gaze, he dons a rubber suit and a horned helmet and sneaks away through the back window. That is the beginning of his superhero days.

Specialized Equipment

Electroshock Meteor Hammer

Grinder has no magical knowledge to be who he is, so he tied a rubber chain to some electric lantern. Calls it his "Mjolnir." Before he was a Proto Member, Grinder donned things he can get his hands on, a horned visor and a rubber suit. Now, his clothes look a bit more official with his glossy cream texture and a visor to see in the night.

Mental characteristics


He is a registered international hero, but heroes, much like any other job here, work for peanuts. Rather than living with his mother, Lin-Ivor works under his mother as a blacksmith's assistant. He lives in the streets.
Ivory Goat
Honorary & Occupational Titles
Protogon White Lightning, Grinder
Current Residence
Biological Sex
Pale Blue
A deep fried blonde partially dipped in red wine
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
Quotes & Catchphrases
"Be the Lightning"
Known Languages
Speaks Basic and Thorrigian
Kamille Tanngnj├│str (mother)

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