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Elves: The Playable Race

Elves are proud individuals birthed from the beginning of a dreamscape. Each elf in each dreamscape looks different from the others.
For Metas Sake: In no way I plan to put in stats for Elves released in D&D 5e, this article would be word-based and would have no stats whatsoever.

Noellean Elves

As a Noellean elf, you have a knack for crafting and mastered basic tinkering to get through harsh working conditions. These elves are from Noelle, the Land of Holidays of Merriment, and they resemble Santa's elves. The elves are no taller than a table lamp and have the proportions of most humans. In the Black Marble, a Noellean elf has the same personality as someone working in retail. Noellean elves have a palette of a rainbow when it comes to skin, split into three subsets of skins between regular human colours, snowflake white, and any other colour not mentioned. Their eyes are big and white bottomed, and their hair is as shiny as a doll.  
If you ever get into combat with a Noellean elf, you might expect a hook sword or some small hammers and shives from their tinker tools, but I think I know one who wields a Pine Claymore.
— Horace Horne: ARK Anatomist based in Noelle

Patthari Elves

As a Patthari elf, you have the basic knowledge in Lithomancy and the uncanny resemblance of real-world statues. These are from Patthar, the Land of Rocks and Stone, due to their high thoughts of themselves, they come off as egotistical. Patthari Elves have skin the same colour as rocks, their eye colour resembles gemstones and magical rocks, and their ears are akin to humans.

Wescanonian Elves

Wescanonian elves are like humans in Wescanon, some can be cutthroat while others live a peaceful life. They have a tall and gaunt body that can grow to the size of two humans. They also have cow-like ears and wide flat noses.

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