Waterborn are one of the four sapient species in the planet of Kra. They are easily identified thanks to their blue skin and big eyes, as well as a set of appendages that grow from their necks. Their society is organized in isolated tribes that generally live close to the coast.

Between two worlds

Waterborn can breathe both underwater and on the surface, but they can't stay in one of these places for a long time. Their skin needs water from time to time, and they need to breathe fresh air regularly. Due to these needs, their body is humanoid in form, but their skin is blue for better underwater camouflage. Additionally, their eyes are located above the average position of other humanoids, which lets them see what's in front of them while swimming.
  At first, it might look like they have very thick hair growing from the back of their heads. However, these appendages are extremely sensitive extensions of their skin. They can use them to sense changes in temperature, weather, and air or water currents with great precision. Waterborn with more experience can even sense these changes before they happen.

Murderous eyes

Waterborn have a strong sense of community that they express with absolute loyalty towards their tribes. Their tribal structure might not be as complex as that of Trunkface cities, but it's just as strict. In fact, lone waterborn are so rare that if you find one, they're likely to be banished, a hermit, or a diplomat.
  Their tribes are led by the tribemaster. In the eastern shores of Kra, they are generally elected based on their eye size. Waterborn have, on average, bigger eyes than the other three folk —seeing the eyes of a waterborn tribemaster is truly an impressive sight.
After my journey through the fire mounts and my study of the Longears I was ready for another warm welcome. I changed into a waterborn form with huge eyes, as I had seen this was a prominent feature. And instead of hugs and smiles, I got swords and violence.
— From Min-aniara Laita's travel journal.

  This system, as interesting as it sounds, is the root of the most barbaric acts I've learnt about on this planet. Waterborn with eyes that could potentially be bigger than the current tribemaster are often killed under the tribemaster's orders. Even worse, most members of the tribe supports these murders because they bring stability to their system.
  I don't have direct experience with other waterborn cultures, but I've learnt that they are not as cruel, although their systems are far from being democratic. Which, of course, is to be expected from a planet that is just starting to see its first civilizations.

waterborn full body

Waterborn with surface clothing. Waterborn folk generally wear next to nothing when underwater, as clothes make swimming more difficult.
40 years


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