Greatsailors are the inhabitants of Greatsail a floating city that roams the skies of Einya. It's used both as a demonym for the citizens of the city as well as for the culture that has developed there.  


Greatsailors are a very diverse culture when it comes to their origins. Because of how the city came to be, the majority is Eimaui, but people from all over the world have moved there throughout the years. There is a significant number of Greatsailors of Eireana origin.  


The language spoken in Greatsail is Sky Eimaui. It's a dialect of standard Eimaui that has been largely influenced by other languages (especially Eireana) in terms of both vocabulary and grammar. The language is similar enough to standard Eimaui to be mutually intellegible, although speaking quickly or in a colloquial variant might make things difficult.  

Culture and traditions

The concept of travel and discovery, as well as the freedom that comes with it, is a core tenet of Greatsailor culture. This is made obvious from the fact that about a third of Greatsailors spend more time travelling than within the city itself.  


These are just two examples of the many festivals Greatsailors celebrate throughout the year.  

Coming of age ceremony

As a tradition, when a Greatsailor reaches adulthood, they take a simple airboat and journey to the great expanse of the sky. They are expected to come back one year later with wealth, knowledge, a bigger ship, or something else that can benefit the city.  

Foundation Week

The first day of the year is considered to be Foundation Day, even though this is not entirely accurate (Greatsail doesn't have an actual foundation day, as it initially wasn't meant to be a city and the building process was long). The night before, the city flies back to the Eimaui Archipelago and stays there for at least a week. During this week, Greatsail becomes a chaotic and vibrant mix of colors, music, dance, and other traditions from cultures all around the world. One can be watching a traditional dance from Eirean in one street and find an Illusionism performance from Olmonu in the next one.  

Naming traditions

Greatsailor names are a weird and chaotic mix many different languages. Some of the names come directly from other languages with just slight variations, while others take a name from one language and apply a different phonemic pattern to it. For example, the name Aiuei (from standard Eimai) has evolved into forms like Aeruna in Greatsailor due to its Eireana influence.
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5 Jul, 2022 16:17

One of the elements of worldbuilding I've always found interesting is when different cultures but up against each other. I love the colorful mishamash these cultures have created.

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