Greatsail is a flying city in Einya that's located on an enormous airship. It's home to about a million permanent residents with another half a million coming and going throughout the year. Greatsail is part of the Eimaui Confederation and there are special treaties in place that allow it to fly over several countries without losing its sovereignty.  


The origins of Greatsail can be traced back to the last years of the era of the Schools. In the year 2112, a group of Unwilling arcanists from Eimai came together and created what at that point was the biggest airship ever created. Their goal was to create a small community that wouldn't be tied to any country and would be as self-sufficient as possible. Time went by and even though the School of Eimai tried to stop them (they considered Greatsail to be an act of rebellion), the founders of the community had been very careful to make sure they didn't break any laws.   In 2183, the School of Eimai lost most of its political power and the Confederation entered its Postscholar age. Greatsail endured these changes and managed to become just another airship under Confederation law. However, the city slowly grew and it eventually developed its own government system and its own laws. In 2244, after long negotiations with the Confederation, they reached an agreement: Greatsail would be recognized as a state, meaning that even though it would still be under the Confederation's control, it would be able to have its own laws.   Currently, most countries (with the notable exception of the United Islands of Skafrontse) allow Greatsail to fly over them as long as they keep themselves above a certain altitude and follow their airspace laws.
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3 Jul, 2022 14:23

I love the idea of a settlement as an airship. It reminds me of the Immortal Engines. Looks like you have a typo: "they reached and agreement" I think should be "they reached *an* agreement."

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3 Jul, 2022 15:28

Thanks for reading and for catching the typo! Mortal Engines wasn't a direct influence, but I've watched the movie so there could have been some unintentional inspiration there. I just love the concept!

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