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As we enter the year 2172, evolution has kicked into overdrive and humanity was left in the dust. Our once dying environment has turned into sprawls of toxic vegetation roamed by vicious monsters. Most of civilization has retreated into arcologies the size of a small country.   To keep pace with the next class of genetically superior humans, we upgrade our bodies with steel limbs and neural coprocessors. Megacorporations reign like gods, controlling everything down to the DNA in our cells. It's not like anyone notices, since the media wrecks our sanity with a cocktail of fear, disgust and easy gratification. Now, they promise that a new form of AI based on bioelectronic circuits - Biocores - will get us out of this mess.   It's a bad world filled with people doing the best they can. You are one of them, trying to survive as a cog in the machine. Until hell breaks loose.   Pay attention, or be devoured.