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BiddyNock Nackle's Gargantuan Guide to the Aether

The Year Of War

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The Aether is a broad term to describe the universe in which this campaign is set. 673 years ago the climax of the Great War occurred, a war waged by humans and elves, that saw High Elves use High Magic to attempt to destroy their adversary for good, but the ritual quickly back fired. Instead of just destroying the humans it started a giant wave of energy that was sent throughout the cosmos, turning every planet it touched into rubble. The only thing which stopped the total annihilation of everything was The Stranger using an immense amount of magic to  protect almost all life in the universe, and reduce the affect of the elves misguided attempt to win a pointless war. In the process of this The Stranger turned all of the empty nothingness of space into breathable, magically charged, oxygen.   Ever since then life has rebounded, and has continued under the new way of life. The amount of residual magic in the Aether cause strange occurrences, new races, and Aetherium to appear. With all of these factors a technological boom occurred in which Aetherships, Forged, and steampunk fire arms were created; a long with many, many, many magical items and inventions.    Now, in the current time of 673 A.C (After the Cataclysm), the various kingdoms and empires in the Aether seem to gearing up for war, dark gods are awakening, and a deadly pirate known as Dreadqueen Holt pillages the islands, trade routes, and whatever she can with her massive armada. These are where the heroes of our story find themselves, but they are not concerned with politics and eldritch horrors. For they all have their eyes set on their own goals like getting a ship back, discovering hidden knowledge, becoming infamous as a pirate queen, living a peaceful life, or finding their lover and reuniting with them. Only time will tell how these five brave souls will effect the world, and only time will tell how the world effects them