Unseelie Court Fashion and Aesthetic



  The Unseelie Court is very traditional and has maintain their decorative style and court dress relatively the same for hundreds of years–however, there is a wide variety of choices despite everything remaining the same so you can have a whole ballroom of Unseelie fae and everyone dressed in a variety of fashions. The style and aesthetics of the Unseelie Court are based on the medieval ages from 500 A.D. to 1500 A.D., a thousand years of medieval fashion history. However, just because it remains the same does not mean that it’s not influential or beautiful–some of the most intricate and beautiful gowns, buildings, and styles seen in the Elphyne Realm can be found within the area of the Unseelie Court.   They also inspired a fashion trend within Gorduno. Gorduno was going through a Regency-type aesthetic when the Veil was opened up and nobles travelled back and forth through the Unseelie Court. Thanks to the Gorduno prince and princess taking up Unseelie Court fashions in honor of his future wife-to-be, despite her displeasure as this arranged marriage, there has been a sweeping fashion change towards matching the Unseelie court styles–with their own Gordunonian twists, of course.  


  With over a thousand years of fashion history, I cannot cover it all in this tiny lore summary. However, I am linking to resources about medieval fashion history that may help inspire you. This is not a required reading part of the lore, it’s merely for fun and to be helpful since there will be so many social events throughout this roleplay due to the storyline. Should you find any good resources you like, let me know in the #member-input channel on the discord and I’ll add it here!   Video: 500 Years of Medieval Fashions   Video: History of Western Dress - Medieval Fashions   Video: Most Common Types of Medieval Clothing   Video: Hair History - Medieval Ages   Video: Dr. Kat and Historical Headwear (Dr. Kat’s channel is so interesting, go watch more!)   Website: 15 Medieval Fashion Trends (with other articles linked regarding medieval fashion written by professional scholars in an accessible way).   Website: Norman and Medieval Fashions   Website: Medieval Fashion c. 500 to c. 1500   Website: The Gothic Period Fashion   Here are some fashion plates for quick inspiration!  


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