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Go Beyond Reality! Fantasy, sci-fi, cyberpunk, you name it! Beyond Reality is a one-man venture, creating deep, immersive experiences. The mind behind the Celenia D10 Systems, Cinders of the Cataclysm and Dark Shadows settings!

This world has very few articles of its own, acting more as a link repository for all the Beyond Reality works across Worldanvil and the web.

You can read more about me Tobias Linder, our artists and some meta information here, but you want to dive deep into the narrative universe of Celenia, use any of the links below!

My works

Main settings

Dark Shadows

Dark Shadows is a feudal, dark fantasy setting, steeped in folklore. If you love old sagas, norse lore and a grounded, semi-realistic setting, this will delight you! Tons of mystery and adventure!

Cinders of the Cataclysm

Cinders of the Cataclysm takes Dark Shadows and thrusts it into the far future, past the end of the world. A postapocalyptic, cyberpunk hellscape, packed to the brim with intrigue, mystique and conspiracies!


Celenia D10 RPG System

Tired of heavy systems that take forever to resolve? We created CD10 to be a light-weight system that was quick to resolve and gave you the tools you need to truly embrace the narrative and story. All you need is a pen, paper, a single D10 and your imagination!

There's enough game left in here to facilitate the traditional TTRPG experience, but the focus lies on telling and experiencing gripping stories and adventures. Your character is in focus here!

CD10 is currently in beta, but is rapidly approaching v1.0 release!

Celenia 2: D10 RPG System

The Second Edition of the Celenia D10 RPG System dives headfirst into "narrative first". While first edition is a narratively focused system, second edition is built from the ground up to focus entirely on narrative, emotion and the freedom of expression.

With second edition, nothing is set in stone. The party, as well as the Keeper of Tales, have the power to sway fate, nudge the narrative in the direction they want.

Second edition is currently in pre-alpha design phase and utilizes a D10 pool system.



This world is a collection of meta-lore about the narrative universe of Celenia, in which the world of Dunia (home to Dark Shadows and Cinders of the Cataclysm take place) resides.

This world is largely reserved for supporters, but there are a couple of public articles to peruse.

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