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The Father of the Gods

The Father of the Gods (a.k.a. Father)

The Elders always told me that catching a falling star would burn me, but I tried it all the same.

Divine Domains

He is the god of parents and adoption.

Tenets of Faith

Those who follow this god often run orphanages or otherwise adopt needy children. To the followers of this god, the idea of abusing a child is blasphemy.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

As the first of the Children of the Sky to fall, he was taken in by humans, adopted, and raised as human. He has no idea he fell from the sky also. The only people who know he fell from the sky are Xefiev and Ushina, to whom the story was told.

He was 23 when The Children of the Sky begins. After, he took his new son Lrias home, and travelled all over Caldera in search of other Children of the Sky that he had missed, finding only a few. When no more Children of the Sky fell for a few hundred years he founded the first orphanage and began to care for human children. He now wanders the world, founding orphanages wherever he goes, and visiting those that he founded in the past, as well as his fellow Children of the Sky.

Divine Classification
Current Location
Circumstances of Birth
Fell from the sky as a rock
Black, kinky, worn in braids
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
Dark brown
Related Myths
Appears in...

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Character Portrait image: The Father of the Gods by Hero Forge


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