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Faerie is large, quite probably infinite.  It is a place where anything you can imagine, anything anyone can imagine, exists somewhere, and your dreams can become reality.  Beware, however, for your nightmares are just as real as your daydreams here, and if if you think too hard about something, it just may appear.
— Alec Emerson, Mage and Infinity Dragon

Faerie is often described as being another world, and in a way, it is, but it is also entwined with and tied to what most would refer to as the "real world." It is infinitely large, and seems to be connected to the imagination and dreams in ways that are not fully understood, even by its denizens. The inherent magical effects of different areas can make even experienced spellcasters confused and make casting their spells challenging or unpredictible. It is incredibly beautiful in some places, grotesque in others, but always dangerous.

Many have theorized that Faerie is not really a single realm, but a series of interconnected realms, which might explain the fact that the rules of physics might not apply in the same way from one area to the next. One might pass through a grove of trees underneath a beautiful moonlit sky, only to find themselves deep within the basement of an expansive mansion belonging to a sentient cat.


Others have theorized that Faerie is the realm of the imagination, or a physical manifestation of the human subconscious. That might why many of the creatures native to faerie need to gather emotional or creative energy from the "real world" in order to do magic.. Or, in some cases, even to survive.


Unformed Areas

The unformed areas of Faerie are just that, expanses of mist so thick that a person standing in it can't see their feet. The ground here is spongy and almost bouncy. There is usually nothing in them, although it would be hard to be certain, as the mist muffles and distorts sound. The mist has a slight glow, so even without a light source, it is not dark in the unformed lands, although niether is it particularly bright.

The mist is also extremely psychoreactive, and an unwary mortal who finds themselves in an unformed area of Faerie quickly finds that the world is forming around them based on what they believe is around them, or what they are thinking about.

Formed Lands

Fae creatures, including the sidhe, as well as mortal mages, often form their own private demenses out of what was once an unformed area. For mortals, who generate creative energy through their emotions and thoughts, all that is necessary to change an unformed area into a formed one is a trained will and a clear idea of what they want the formed area to be. Fae must gather Glamour from the mortal realm or mortal's emotional energy to form their realms.

A formed area takes on personality characteristics from its creator. Mortal created areas often reflect the emotional state of their creators, not just at the time of creation but at any time they are within their creation. Fae created areas are a bit less changable in that regard, reflecting more of their essential nature then emotional state, as well as the type of glamour gathered and how it was harvested. A demense created with glamour harvested by inspiring mortal's creativity and taking a little bit of the energy generated have very different features then one created with glamour harvested by terrifying a mortal and stealing their emotional energy the moment before their heart gives out.


Given its immense size, no one type of geography dominates Faerie. Although maps of particular sections do exist, it is difficult to map on any large scale, as even the geography is not static. There are many theories as to the mechanics of how and why what moves where, but none are detailed or accurate enough to predict where and when things will actually move. Occasionally, someone makes an educated guess as to where something they are looking for might have gone to that turns out to be correct, but that is the exception ,not the rule.
Alternative Name(s)
Dimensional plane

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5 Jul, 2022 00:12

I really love this article!   I do wonder, though, what happens when multiple people/beings are in the same unformed area? Do they all have a part in creating a demense?

⚝Senna Nightshade⚝
5 Jul, 2022 00:13

This gives a feeling of the fantastical without going into too many details. I know this was your intention. Now I want to know more about this world.

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