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Betwixt and Between

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This world is just like ours, in many respects. The languages spoken, and the places, are for the most part the same. On the surface, it is very similar. But only on the surface. Underneath that thin veneer, hides magic, libraries that are a cover for 'good' assassins, and the Dark and Bright Courts of the Sidhe, Things here are rarely exactly what they seem, and it is this world that Carys Jones must find her place. Our tale starts with when Annoura Jones, one of the rare mortals that see through the glamours sidhe use to hide themselves, runs into Lord Rhys Rururi, a prince of the Unseelie Court. The encounter ends much as one might expect, with Annoura being spirited away underhill, as his possesion. But what comes next, well, that is another story.