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Costuming Bloodlines

For the purposes of this document Bloodline costuming will refer to the make up and prothstetic requirments to rep a specific bloodline as they can be varied with multiple options. Bloodline costuming represents the physical manifestation of features that are tied to specific bloodline herataige. It is also used to gause which bloodline traits a character may choose from and use. Since all characters are human, bloodlines do not require any base costuming and players are free to choose any bloodline for their character.  


Each bloodline has three different tiers of custming options. When a player meets the costuming teir they gain access to pick traits coresponding with that bloodlines teir. At teir 1 no costuming is required, your character is simply part of that bloodline and has not manifested physical features of said bloodline. Teir 2 represents the common features of the bloodline and how it may begin to manifest. Teir 3 represents all or fully developed physical features, they would be considered rare in the world and must meet a high level of costuming quality.  

Upgrading costuming

In berkana a bloodline can show at any age and at anytime. Sometimes it can be triggered while other times it appears at random. To facilitate this players may update their costuming between events to meet a new teir requirment. This is done to allow players the oportunity to update their costuming as they play and become more invested in the world or skilled in their ability to do make up or prothstetics. So you may start as at teir 1 requiring no bloodline costuming, and upgrade over events to teir 3 should you desire it for your character.  

Costuming and log

Duringthe log proccess for the event you must have your bloodline costuming approved before you can gain the benafits of any traits accosiated to your teir. Teir 1 bloodlines skip this as there are no costuming requirments.  

More information

Further information on bloodines can be found in Bloodlines of Ashal while a quick reference to the specific costuming requirments is linked in Costuming Guidlines.

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