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Bloodlines of Ashal

To the unknowing eye, the majority of those living in both the Sovereignties and Freelands appear to be of homogenous ancestry. The reality could not be further from the truth. The world of Ashal has asserted its influence upon humanity since the first waking of the world and over the eras these influences have manifested in extreme physical changes and supernatural abilities. These traits are hereditary from one generation to the next giving birth to the term Bloodlines. As the eras wound on, the magic from the world’s birth settled, and continues to do so, causing the furthest extremes of these physical changes to become less and less common over the centuries.   While one’s parentage may serve as an indicator as to which Bloodline will manifest in a child, centuries of intermingling means that every human holds the potential to manifest any. In rare cases, a family may claim to have a ‘pure’ heritage of one particular Bloodline, often pointing to the frequency and potency of the manifestation of traits, though this is impossible to prove.   Each generation sees a resurgence of the traits of old in a portion of the population. Developing after puberty, these individuals begin to show physical markings and powers beyond the norm. The rate and degree a bloodline may express itself varies wildly from person to person with some living most of their lives in a fully expressed state while others might not develop their first physical change until very late in life. The power of a bloodline can still manifest in small ways in those who have no markings at all, though always to a much lesser degree.

The five Bloodlines

Natural leaders and protectors Herial
Otherwordly and long lived Raziel
Physically enhanced Kelnum
The first bloodline of Elements Berkane
Newest bloodline of fea oragine Changeling

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