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Rework: Millessia is a world with computers, telephones and television, but they are only for the rich and or powerful. The world has been mainly peaceful since the immortal Empress conquered the world with her legions, three hundred years ago. But, a few weeks ago, the region of Parisea started losing people. Individuals, caravans, even entire villages, have gone missing. A legion is sent to investigate, the Ninth Legion under Armenius Simplicianey. The second night they are in the area of the disappearances they camp, when they wake in the morning they are on another world. The Legion immediately set up camp on a ridge, near a river, they enclose the camp and a beacon is set up to attract other intelligent people to their camp. After a few days the Legion has determined that the people who have disappeared have arrived at different times, and, in fact, the Legion was late in the disappearing but early in the appearing on the new world. The Ninth Legion is often seen as an investigating Legion and as such has a wider range of survivalist type people, Druids and Rangers. They also have bards and wizards who record and attempt to understand. Other investigating style of heroes, and police types, are there as well. A large number of people, of differing types, from farmers to merchants to artisans and nobles Adventurers are being sought to investigate the land, while the wizards, bards and druids record and seek to understand the world.     Coming from Millessia, after the Gods of the Circle chose them, the population of Beris are all refugee/colonists. They have had some training but know they are being abandoned by their Empire and its' Gods. Many of the Colonists come from fringe groups, literally Fringe, people of the Druidic faith, barbarians of the tundra, environmentalist wood elves, followers of ideals rather than gods, like Paladins of Justice, and students of the crafts of war. Those people that an Empire at peace find Problematic. Some of the farmers who have come as colonists even dream of a world where they get a say in the running of their society. The world itself is old, and ruins lie everywhere, traces of ancient races and ancient disasters can be found in the landscape. Into this world rebellious elements have followed a legion of Empire Soldiers to found a world. Each week (8 days) ten thousand more colonists arrive, but when one million have arrived the portals will close, the Empire will forget them, and the colony will have to succeed, or die.

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  • Map of Local Area

    A map created from observations of the flying members of the First Imperial Legion of Beris.