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Beren'Dor is a rich and wild world full of wonder and discovery, and yet the world is facing upheaval. News has trickled down from the Sea of Sands that the People of the Sands, the Sh'ezzari and Abysin, have encountered a powerful new enemy, followed by the discovery of the dead carcasses of two cities. No one has seen the People of the Sands since, and merchants that go searching for them eventually return in failure, or not at all.   In the Iron Mountains and the Forests of Farol, the Elder Races have placed stronger embargoes on trade with the humans, giving rise to bands of human raiders against elven and dwarven communities, and increased friction along borders shared with the humans while their Kings, Chiefs, and Emperors plan and plot with dark whispers in shadowy halls.   To the west, the dragons, and their Council of Scale rule over the Drekkar in their swamplands to the south, who worship them like gods, but the cauldron of internal strife has been stirred and the council often stands divided in their dictates. This division threatens to boil over as it plays out across Drekkarian society as their pigments change with their allegiance.   Far to the south, in the harsh environs of the Peaks of Winter, the Keldar have broken a thousand year tradition of sending a warrior to serve as the bodyguard of the Gathian King to the North. Faint rumors have filtered out of their lands telling tale that the Chieftess of the Keldar clans have called upon her Jarls to gather their warriors, though for reasons unknown. Meanwhile her border sentinels watch, and wait.   Lastly, a warm wind wafts from the Scorchelands to touch the western coast, bringing with it unnatural warmth, and the hint of sulfur and death. This is Beren'Dor as you find it today. Welcome.