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Sword of Eava

Lastly was the mother herself—her blade passed under blessed hand, and to mortal realms where mankind should rake with it his own brothers' flesh and soul.
— Pyramisic Doctrine

Among the items that comprise the Seraphic Armory, the Sword of Eava is arguably the most distinct across the modern world. According to legend it is a weapon with immense arcanic power, infused with the gifts of the goddess Eava herself, with the ability to sever steel as easily as flesh. The truth is, despite its name, no one actually knows what the Sword of Eava is or looks like. Like all items in the Seraphic Armory, its name gives us some indication—in this case the Sword of Eava is obviously likely to at least be a blade of sorts—but no one in the age of the Empress has ever definitively found the Sword.
by Andrew Lang

Known Holders

There are few reliable records of individuals wielding the sword, and virtually no information of its existence following the last godstorm.


The most widely known account of the sword comes from during the orc Wars of Liberation, where vladaren guard Ylsegar found the sword and used it to fight the eldermen arcanists. According to The Apostates, when Ylsegar used the sword on the arcanists it turned their arcanic reserves against them into a poison that seeped through their bodies and killed them, however the immense arcanic power contained within the sword itself also seeped into Ylsegar and eventually poisoned him as well, despite him being an orc.

First Aveaan Empress

The Sword of Eava is one of the artifacts that the first Empress supposedly kept hidden in her repository during her reign, which would explain why there are no accounts of its usage during that time. Several other items from the Seraphic Armory were also rumored to have been hidden in the repository, and were either taken back by the gods during the last godstorm, or just disappeared.

Modern Discovery

When the Sword of Eava lies with the fated king. . .
— Xaltra's prophecy

In 1541, Astervitch—a soldier at Fort Brickard—recieved a prophecy from the goddess Xaltra that concerned the Sword of Eava. Several years later he and Evander Balassar found a dagger in the summer home of Lord Michel Torniet that they believed to be the legendary 'sword'—the dagger was inscribed with a passage from the Doctrine, and its hilt was decorated with motifs of Eava. In an effort to prevent the calamity that the prophecy presupposed, Evander threw the dagger into the Desdin, where it presumably sunk to the bottom of the sea and still lies there.
The Seraphic Armory
According to the Pyramisic Doctrine, the gods gifted their mortal descendants a number of items to aid them through the godstorms of the age prior. Several myths within the Doctrine and mythos itself involve items from the armory, and accounts throughout the age prior and even through the first Aveaan Empire note a number of heroes using the items in different battles or conflicts. It is generally understood, though, that in the wake of the last godstorm the remaining gods scattered their items and hid them deep throughout the globe.
Eava was the last to give her gift, as Psyche had already struck her with a prophecy that made her wary of passing anymore of her creations to mortals.

One of the first of the created mortals, given the last quarter of the First Light's soul to be made Casper's divine wife and goddess. She is the mother of the arcanic deities, and regarded as responsible for bringing arcanium into the world.

Arcanic Properties
Ideas of what arcanic powers the sword holds span nearly the entire arcanic spectrum. Ylsegar's stories suggest poison while others have remarked that the description 'sever steel as easily as flesh' suggests a melting or burning arcanic reaction. Several historians have posited that the sword gives its wielder the ability to use arcanium, though the powers and limitations surrounding this theory are usually glossed over. And a few have even suggested a more far-fetched theory: that the sword is merely an ordinary blade that by strangely aligned circumstance has come to bare divine associations.

The 'items' within the Seraphic Armory are not items; they're people. The Sword of Eava in particular is an individual who's been gifted by one of the gods an enormous arcanic reserve.

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