Theradin's Spite

Theradin is not known for being overtly spiteful usually he is one to just roll with the punches or laugh something off. However, should his ire be earned one of the ways he can make the offender suffer and show them just how much sway he has is by inflicting the curse known as Theradin's Spite. There seem to be different levels to this, the least of which could be compared to being exceptionally clumsy. While the greater forms can have far more lethal and damaging effects on the cursed one and those around them. A masterfully made weapon breaking at the worst time, slipping on a wet patch in a dungeon while wearing plate mail.   Theradin will usually remove his curse should the offender come to learn a lesson about offending him, and gain a better understanding of just how much influence on the world Theradin has. It is not used as a means to outright kill someone, though it could happen depending on the accidents that happen.

Transmission & Vectors

Gained by the will of Theradin.


Earning the spite of Theradin is a chore in itself but once earned his spite is given in the form of divine curse that only the god can remove or a being of equal power.


Your luck turns south in every way possible, winning cards will never come to you, your dice will never roll what you need, you'll trip on your shoelaces, and anything and everything that can be affected by luck will be unlucky to the offender.


The best way to get this curse removed is to plead to Theradin and prove that you have learned your lesson for offending him. This usually comes with a requirement that they somehow venerate him and his ways for a term determined by the god himself.
Chronic, Acquired


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