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The Legendary Antler

The Legendary Antler is a creature with the look of a white Wolf. The Antler has red eyes and magical powers (Ice powers). The Myth surrounding the Antler was created during the reign of Ahimoth.


The Antler is so old that even the historians and elves themself do not know anything about it. It is only known that the Antler has the size of a bear and the look of a wolf, with blood red eyes and a snowwhite fur. Its said that the Antler has magical powers.Some sources say that the magical powers are ice related.

Historical Basis

The first sightning was about 10 000 years before the Great Elf War. A wanderer is said to have seen the creature and then to have spread the news. This sightning was not really taken seriously, but when a High Elf Lord also reported a similiar sightning, more attention was paid to it. The Lord is said to have claimed that the creature turned a tree into complete ice during he summer. When several soldiers were sent to check the forest, nothing was found. The myth was more and more forgotten, when about five years later a group of soldiers was found completly frozen on a mountain, this acident also happend in the summer. The last sightning was then a whole 10 020 years later, when a man was said to have looked the creature right into the eyes.


The Myth is not commonly known like the dragons or the pheonix. most of the time its only known by specific historians and maybe some descendants of family members that saw it one time. Its still not known if the myth is true.

Variations & Mutation

From being a white wolf with the size of a bear, the myth growed to be a magical and immortal creature, with power of destroying whole armies and creating entire forests.

Cultural Reception

The Antler is so rare that it cannot even become part of a culture. While dragons and phoenixes play an important role in some cultures, the antler is hardly found in any. Most have never heard of it and probably never will, so it plays only a very minor role.

In Literature

In the book of myths the Antler is mentioned, moreover the name Antler comes from the area where he was seen, the Antler Mountain. Therefore, the similarity with the word antler of deer and elk.

In Art

In a cave on the Antler Mountain, there is said to be a very old cave painting that is supposed to depict the Antler. Otherwise, there are only two drawings by historians.
Date of First Recording
10000 years before the great Elf war
Date of Setting
it is unkown,rumours said it was a ice mountain

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