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Wizard's Rest


Everyone who lives in Wizard's Rest is a human, and most of them are Tundran, although there are a handful of Centrum. Around half of the populace of the hamlet are related from the original family who started the inn that began the town of the same name. Most people work various jobs at stores for resupplying travelers across on their journey, although there are some whose jobs are to scavenge and hunt for food for the townsfolk.


Wizard's Rest has no real formal government, instead just having an informal direct democracy where no decision that affects the village happens without consent from the majority of people. While there are no formal leaders, the people who run the inn that started the village are treated with more respect than others, with their opinions being treated with more weight by the other villagers.

Industry & Trade

The village makes money through its inn and various stores, and then will send a small group of people on a multi-month trek south to the Golden City to restock on food and other items that are sold in the village.


Most of the buildings in Wizard's Rest are businesses of some kind with small houses for the owners to live. There largest and most prominent building is the inn that shares its name with the town, as it serves everyone who passes through the small village. On the outskirts of the town, there are some houses that maintain small gardens to help subsist the people of the village, along with processing huts for hunted animals.


Wizard's Rest is famous for its inn of the same name that serves anyone who passes through the village. There are also various stores that are meant to resupply travelers through the tundra.


Wizard's Rest started as an inn built around the halfway point of the Wizard's Way to act as a place of safe rest for those travelling to The Old Kingdom. As they earned money, and the family that owned the inn grew, they began to expand into a town. Those who supported this effort and the prospective wizard's heading north began building houses around the inn until it developed into hamlet in its own right.


Architecture in Wizard's Rest is fairly simple and utilitarian, without much in the way of flair or complexity. The buildings are built to be warm and withstand any strong winds that may blow through the region.


The village sits in a fairly flat region of tundra that is nowhere near water, which they must get on the trips made south to restock. Wizard's Rest was set in the region not for its livability, but instead since it is the most dangerous section of the Wizard's Way, so they wish to help keep people travelling alive by offering a warm resting place.
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