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Tundran Huts

Purpose / Function

Tundran huts are almost always used as domestic structures in cities where Tundran people live, notably within the Snowveil province within the Golden Empire. They are simple to make, and the style helps keep the hut standing during intense wind, heavy snowfall, and keeps things warmer inside.


Tundran huts are made by using large, thick bones as posts, slightly slanted inward, around in a circle no higher than five feet or so. There are then ropes used to connect bones in a structure on top of the circle of posts in a conical shape. Then, sewn together, layered hides from hunted local animals are tied between each bone in the structure. There is one section left open to create a door. This door is then constructed from hides that are sewn together with sinew on the top half, and left open on the bottom half in the middle for people to enter. During particularly bad storms, they will sew up the opening flap until the end of the storm, when they cut open the flap once again.   Within the hut, the inhabitants compact the snow on the ground to create a floor. They will also raise the snow on the edge of the floor up cover up the gap between the hide walls and the floor with insulation.  There is then a pit dug in the middle to serve as a spot to build a fire. They will then bring in fur mats to sit on and sleep on. If the family in the hut often has a small surplus of food, they will usually construct a box made from bones to keep it in.


Tundran huts are as old as the Tundran people, as they needed to find a way to live within the harsh winds and cold of the tundra where they chose to inhabit. Over time, they slowly developed the optimal shape and size of the huts to prevent collapse from both wind and snow.
Parent Location

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