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The Sword of Honor

Mechanics & Inner Workings

The Sword of Honor is an enchanted longsword that helps the wielder in combat by increasing their speed and the power behind their swings. It also can fire bolts of magical energy at distant foes. It is also one of the few weapons that can sear through the skin of otherworldly creatures like demons and devils.

Manufacturing process

Supposedly, the legendary smith that crafted the blade melted down the metal within the Lifeforge. It was then attached to a hilt rigged to enchant any blade inserted into it with the power of a portion of the Noble's soul, which is contained within a crystal embedded in the hilt.


The Sword of Honor was one of three weapons used to seal away an ancient evil, wielded by an honorable prince. Supposedly, if used in conjunction with the Hammer of Redemption and the Spear of the Justice, that ancient evil can be unsealed. After this initial usage of the sword, it disappeared mysteriously. However, it reappeared occasionally throughout history during times of crisis. Some claim that the sword finds its own wielder when it is necessary. Some supposed wielders of the blade include Kali the Slayer during The Archaic War, King Vorgrax Aldrishkmir when defending the dragulin against the orc invasion, and Zuka the anubis when defending against the advance of The Daguukiin Empire.
Item type
Weapon, Melee
One of a kind
2 lb
45 in
Base Price
Raw materials & Components
The original forging of the blade was so long ago that it is unknown what materials were used in forging it, although it is theorized by scholars that orichalcum was used due to its magic potential.
The only way to forge the Sword of Honor is to use the magical flames of the Lifeforge. It is the only way to melt the sword at all to temper it. Additionally, high quality hammers and anvils are necessary to temper the blade properly without damaging its magical potential.

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