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The Sinking Ship


The Sinking Ship is a submarine with an arcane engine that is powerful enough to ferry dwarves through the water. Due to the density of dwarves compared to other races, most ships with a lot of dwarves on them tended to sink. This led to most dwarves needing to stay on the Dwarven Island. The Sinking Ship changed that, as it was able to rise up after sinking due to the arcane engine, hence the name. However, dwarves still preferred to mostly stay on the island for cultural reasons.


To make a Sinking Ship, one must first craft a large metal tube with two metal benches within. There is a separate room put in the front where the controls for the motor is installed. Once the inside of the Ship is constructed, the arcane engine is assembled based on offworlder salvage and imbued with magic by a dwarven smith. The engine is then attached to the back of the Ship.
The Sinking Ship was designed by the dwarven inventor known only as Zerenef, as he lived on the Zerenef coast. He had isolated himself from the other dwarves on the island in his obsession with transportation. Eventually a mythos surrounded him that he was some madman who attacked anyone on sight, until he invented the Sinking Ship.
Access & Availability
The few Sinking Ships that exist are owned by the king of the dwarves and is used as a public service to bus dwarves back and forth between the mainland. The inventor, the only one with the knowledge of making them, has moved on from making Sinking Ships to working on inventing new transportation items.
The Sinking Ship uses an arcane engine that is able to put out enough energy to propel dwarves upward. There is also a steering system that controls the engine within a pilots room to the front of the Ship. Outside of the arcane engine, the Ship is merely a metal capsule with glass windows in it.
The Sinking Ship was invented by a lonesome dwarf obsessed with transportation. It was created in the year 1540, just in time to transport dwarven smiths to help in the effort against Gildas the Mad King during The Mad King's War.

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