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The Old Kingdom


The Old Kingdom is ruled by the hereditary Hakunger in Hernevborg, who appoints Jarls based on specific requirements in each of the three other major cities: Galdorborg, Guvborg, Frowsigborg. These Jarls have semi-autonomy, but must comply with any law made by the Hakunger. Each Jarl also has their own title. The Jarl of Galdorborg is the Harmage, the Jarl of Guvborg is the Efkibiskup, and the Jarl of Frowsigborg is the Skalasakavavur.

Public Agenda

The Old Kingdom seeks to preserve the history of humanity, the art of wizardry, and the sanctity of The Faith of the Four.


The Old Kingdom has large amount of the currency of the old Human Empire, called Gunt, which they can smelt into iron. They also have access to powerful wizardry and ancient combat techniques.


In years past, the Old Kingdom was supposedly where the old Human Empire began with Hernevborg being the original capital. When the old Human Empire fell, humans were left up north set back to small villages. Some humans moved south in the Great Migration, but others staid north. Eventually, they started to rebuild, having developed wizardry and discovered the Human Codex with the supposed heir to the Human Empire becoming the Hakunger, or High King, who appointed three Jarls to uphold the three pillars of human society: wizardry, religion, and the history of the Human Empire. To avoid angering the other world powers, the Old Kingdom mostly stays out of international issues and stays dormant to the north.

Demography and Population

The Old Kingdom is entirely made of Oldean humans, since it is so remote that not many move there. The towns and cities are separated by expanses of tundra, with most people clustering in tight clumps instead of spreading evenly due to the environment.


The Old Kingdom consists of the northernmost part of The Northern Tundra bordering the Polar Ocean.


The Old Kingdom has a small standing military of volunteers, with various specialties in melee combat, wizardry, and archery. However, they mostly rely on their remote location to defend themselves.

Technological Level

The Old Kingdom has moderate technological level, as they do have a large pool of state-sponsored magic users, but some of that magic is infused into technology.


Religion is one of the three pillars of society in the Old Kingdom, with the center of that religion being in Guvborg. The tenets of the Human Faith is often used as a standard to compare the laws of the land. Additionally, any citizen of the Old Kingdom must be a follower of the Human Faith.

Foreign Relations

The Old Kingdom proclaims neutrality, aiming just to preserve knowledge instead of getting involved in international politics. It helps that they are so isolated.

Agriculture & Industry

The Old Kingdom has low-scale, individual horticultural practices where each household is expected to sustain themselves with food. However, some do farm extra food to sell locally, along with hunters selling their meats locally.

Trade & Transport

The Old Kingdom has internal trade, without going out of the region, meaning that they have no source of wood, so they have to build things out of stone.


The Old Kingdom, specifically in Galdorborg, is known as a bastion of knowledge, housing the famous University of Wizardry, renowned as the capital of wizardry. The government in general also encourages intelligent citizens as they have more upward mobility and can add more to the government.


There are no roads between towns or cities, but major cities have large, carefully crafted, stone buildings that have dedicated masons always making repairs and improvements.

Blood Runs Deep

Founding Date
Geopolitical, Kingdom
Alternative Names
The Magical Kindom
Government System
Power Structure
Economic System
Mixed economy
Legislative Body
All four Jarls can make laws, but the Hakungar's laws take precedent over the other three.
Judicial Body
The Hakungar is the only one allowed to judge on laws.
Official State Religion
The Human Faith
Related Ranks & Titles
Related Ethnicities

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