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The Lost Forest


The Lost Forest is the only place in Chimora with a large fauna, with large, fungal trees populating the entire forest. There is also a dense undergrowth of fungi making walking difficult. Fungal vines drape across the trees. A river flows through the forest, the trees being some of the only terrestrial life that the water is not toxic to.

Flora & Fauna

The most notable feature of the Lost Forest wildlife is the species of sentient mushroom people known as the agarianid. There are also various non-sentient fungal species, most notably the fungal trees that populate the land. There is no natural fauna outside of the agarianid as they kill off most other creatures, outside of noted allies.

Natural Resources

The Lost Forest is a rich source of a wood-like substance known as shrude that is used in construction by the geeshim, due to their alliance with the agarianid. The fungal undergrowth can also provide food for those lost within the forest.
Alternative Name(s)
The Fungal Forest
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