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The Grand Cathedral

Purpose / Function

The Grand Cathedral was created in order to store the original copy of the Codex of Human Faith, the main text of the state religion. It was also serves as a headquarters for the Efkibiskup, one of the jarls of The Old Kingdom, as well as the head of The Human Faith up north. He meets with his head deacons, to discuss what laws to lay over Guvborg and the surrounding area, as well as make decisions regarding interpretation of the Codex.   The Cathedral also has more mundane uses including the holding of sermons given by the head deacons, as well as the occasional one given by the Efkibiskup; the holding of marriages of noble couples of the Old Kingdom; and the appointment of new clergy members within the Old Kingdom. For southerly practitioners of The Human Faith, the Grand Cathedral acts as a sort of pilgrimage site. Many devout Golden Empire citizens make the trek north to see the original Codex and pray to it.


The Grand Cathedral does not necessary live up to the name grand when compared churches down south, as it is a shorter building with small, slit windows. The main body is only only a large square that is around ten feet tall, with a series of backrooms that connect to a tall spire where the Efkibiskup lives in order to be closer to God. The main room has no chairs with a wooden platform a the far end of the room with and alter in front of the original Codex within a glass case.


The Cathedral was first built after someone found the Codex as a place to store and study it. As its religious nature was revealed, the building that was once primarily for study was transformed into a church, with various backrooms being added to accommodate the original purpose of studying the Codex. When the Hakunger later established the Efkibiskup, the spire was then constructed as a place for the new Archbishop to live.
Alternative Names
The Efkicathedral
Cathedral / Great temple
Parent Location
Owning Organization

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