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The Eastern Forest

I’ve always thought of forests as a calming place. However, I’ve never had that feeling in the Eastern Forest, as I’ve always felt that at least three pairs of eyes were on me the entire time.
— Flip, The Big Book of the Land


The Eastern Forest is composed of mostly deciduous trees that change through the year with the seasons. The topography is relatively level, although more rough and bumpy than the Central Plains. Rivers wind through the woods out of the The Ancient Woods to the north and out into The Central Plains and Sawtooth Swamp.

Fauna & Flora

The dense vegetation of the forest leads to a wide variety of life from small rodents to larger mammals like deer, wolves, and bears. There is also a variety of birds that live in the forest. The generally wet climate of the forest leads to plentiful berries and other bush fruits to grow in the forest. During the cold winters, almost every animal hibernates.

Natural Resources

The great variety of trees in the forest leads to a great variety of wooden structures in elven society. The animals also provide a large source of protein to hunt, alongside other products like skins and bones for tools.  These skins are also used for tents among the more nomadic elves.  Metropolis, and other walled cities, have taken up the human practice of raising animals for food during the winter months.


Supposedly, there were many centuries where the eastern forest lay in solitude from any humanoid presence.  Then, some elves from the north came and settled into the region, eventually evolving into the wood elves.  From there, they began to build up their society, establishing a few walled cities in the region, the most famous being Metropolis.  While the elves have made some attempts to expand beyond the forest, they have always kept the forest as the core of their society.
Alternative Name(s)
The Elven Forest, The Magical Forest
Forest, Temperate (Seasonal)
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