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The Drizard Raiders


The Drizard Raiders myth is a story told in the Golden Empire to scare children into behaving. It claims that every night, drizards rise up from beneath the streets and they take naughty children and bring them back to their lairs to eat.

Historical Basis

While there is no record of drizards kidnapping children, especially naughty ones, there is truth to the idea of drizards rising from beneath the streets and taking things from the surface. These drizard raids just seek out food, precious metals, and magic items and do not take people. However, drizards do occasionally kill anyone who sees them and hide the body so well that they cannot prove it was murder.


The myth of the drizard raiders is mostly within the Golden City and the Silver Kingdom, although it does occasionally show up in Agrara. It began as an occasional lie told by parents in the Golden City to get their children to behave. As it spread and spread, it became a common lie throughout portions of the Empire.

Variations & Mutation

Towns and villages within the Silver Kingdom and Agrara use a slight variation on the myth as kobolds do not live underneath the streets of smaller settlements. Instead of drizards, parents will usually lie and tell their children that elves will sneak out of The Eastern Forest and kidnap bad children. This variation is based off of the various violent raids made by elves like those in the Rising Vengeance Clan.
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