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The Daguukiin Empire


The Daguukiin Empire is organized with the Emperor at the top, living in the capital city of Daguul. He has a group of specialized subordinates who help him run the Empire in regards to their specialty. Beneath that, there are various baronies within the Empire that are run by barons appointed by the Emperor.

Public Agenda

The official goals of the Daguukiin Empire are to propagate and fight for the interests of various goblin peoples, although they focus on hobgoblin interests more than other goblin peoples. Additionally, they seek to expand their borders to gain more resources.


The Daguukiin Empire has a robust irrigation system that allows them to grow a large amount of crops, especially cereals, to feed their large population. They also have several large, walled cities made from sandstone, that have the equipment to smelt metal for weapons and farming equipment. They also have large deposits of salt near various cities and towns.


The beginnings of the Daguukiin Empire were in the tundras in the north, where hobgoblins created their first cities. Warfare between the cities led to one city, Zerimoph, being in control of the region. Hungry for more land and power, the Empire began expanding south, conquering lands held by dragons, giants, and centaurs-expelling the first two and causing the utter extinction of the last one. To aid in running the large area of land efficiently, the emperor at the time established several states with appointed barons to run them in line with the emperor's decrees. It was around this time that the Emperor moved the capital from Zerimoph to Daguul, a more central location. Since then, the Empire has focused on reclaiming the land they lost up north to goblin and furgoblin rebels, as well as trying to break through The Western Wall to expand east.

Demography and Population

Most of the free citizens of the Empire are hobgoblins, especially in the nicer parts of cities and the large farmsteads and towns. Meanwhile, there is a large population of goblin and furgoblin slaves. There are also free goblins and furgoblins within slums in the cities, but there are very few members of those demographics that are wealthy.


The Empire has forceful control over the majority of the Daguukuun Desert, the only exception being territory held by Hareesuun along the western coast. While they do not directly run it, the Empire does control a portion of tundra to the north where goblins and furgoblins can live under the watch of a hobgoblin viceroy.


The Daguukiin Empire has a large and powerful military that utilizes as many different fighting styles as possible, from basic sword and shield combat, to fist-fighting, to wizardry. Similar to humans, goblinoids have no access to sorcery, meaning they ended up developing a wizardry distinct from humans. Compared to human wizardry, which has many uses outside of combat, hobgolbin magic is entirely created to be used by a soldier in combat, with little utility spells.

Technological Level

The Empire is a bronze-age society, using metal mostly for heavy armor and art, instead using stone for weaponry. Writing produced by the Empire is written on clay tablets due to a lack of paper. Any magic they have is used for enhancing swordplay, as opposed to any utility purposes. However, there are a slew of scientists on the clock to find more efficient ways to forge metal for weapons as well as utilize the natural resources beneath the sands including oil deposits.


The main god that the Empire worships is Darguunkiiluun, a god who values strength and violence. There are state-mandated sacrifices of a slave at the beginning of every month in the name of Darguunkiiluun. There are three lesser gods in the goblinoid pantheon though, each a patron god of a different goblinoid people: Voyner of the hobgoblins, Neyo of the furgoblins, and Halat of the goblins. Of the three, Voyner is given the most respect, due to hobgoblins being in general higher class than the other two. These lesser gods usually just get a prayer or two once in a while, as opposed to the large congregations, sacrifices, and vows of loyalty that Daruunkiiluun receives.

Foreign Relations

The general attitude of the Daguukiin Empire in regard to other nations is to conquer them. The one exception is the neighboring nation of Hareesuun, a land of the anubis people who are supposedly guarding against an ancient evil. The Empire had tried to conquer the area, but failed multiple times, earning the respect of the hobgoblins. Hareesuun is the closest thing to an ally that the Empire has.

Agriculture & Industry

The Empire's robust irrigation systems allows for a robust amount of farming that supplies the large population, and the standing army. While not as big as the farming industry, there are smaller industries with things like the gladiator industry centered in Velsig, as well as weapons manufacturing.

Trade & Transport

The Daguukiin Empire does not trade with any neighboring nations. There is internal trade as goods and crops are moved through the Empire, but it is not to the same level of regional organization as the Golden Empire. For travel within the Empire, there is a vast, stone road network to allow for merchant, travelers, and soldiers alike to move through the Empire efficiently.


All education within the Empire is focused on combat. From a young age, hobgoblins are given a state-funded education where everything is taught through a lens of how it can benefit the Empire in its military conquest. Meanwhile, goblins and furbgoblins are usually self-taught or home schooled based on books from the Empire and those from outside brought by the occasional travelling merchant.


The Daguukuun Empire has an expansive road network for travelling within the Empire. There is also a large series of canals to irrigate various farms throughout the region. The larger cities have walls and primitive sewage systems where people dump their waste before it flows out of the city and into the desert. These walled cities also have lookout spots to watch out for invaders and rebels.

Blood Today Waters Cities Tomorrow

Founding Date
468 NE
Geopolitical, Empire
Alternative Names
The Goblin Empire
Government System
Power Structure
Unitary state
Economic System
Legislative Body
The Emperor decides on any and all laws of the land, but will seek specialized help from experts on specific issues, including economy, warfare, and science. He also will allow barons to rule their baronies by themselves, but he can step in at any time and get rid of or place any laws he wants in those baronies.
Judicial Body
Whenever someone is arrested for breaking a law, they are brought before the local baron, or one of the Emperor's assistants in the capital region, and can plead their case. However, if the baron decides they are guilty, then the proper punishment of the law are implemented. Most of these "trials" take around five to ten minutes.
Official State Religion
Subsidiary Organizations

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