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The Codex of Human Faith


The Codex is a description of the teachings of God, and a set of rules for humanity to follow to ascend to Heaven when they die.

Document Structure


The Codex is separated into various articles that swap between anecdotal stories on how to live a proper life and direct creeds and rules of how to live a holy life.


While not quoting it per say, the Codex is essentially a Bible from an offworld spaceship that crash-landed on Belkora, with many pages burned up and torn out.

Historical Details


The Codex was discovered during the human dark ages after the old Human Empire was overthrown, and humans were left to rebuild. It helped unify humanity so that they could more easily work together to create The Old Empire. It would later be used for the same purpose by The Golden One.


During the dark ages of humanity, while they were trying to rebuild after being banished to The Northern Tundra. One day, an object from space crash landed near a village, where someone found some papers bound in a large book. While some pages were missing, and the language wasn't quite Common, the message was clear: this was the word of God from above. This ended up becoming merged with many traditional religious practices of humans at the time to create what is known as The Human Faith.   Within what became the Old Empire, the Codex was like law, being extremely important to follow, while those that migrated southward were less devout. However, when the Golden One appeared centuries later and was able to fill in many of the missing pages in ways that make sense, helping legitimize his rule as God's chosen.

Public Reaction

The Codex was easily accepted by most people as the divine word of God, as it came from the sky. However, it was how religious leaders interpreted the text that drove people south.


The Codex is one of the most read pieces of literature in the Golden Empire and Old Empire, often influencing how laws are made and how people live their lives. It also unfortunately helped foster a spirit of human supremacy and racism against non-humans.

Text, Religious

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