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The Archaic War

The Conflict


As a result of the Archaic War, the Human Empire collapsed with humans fleeing north and reverting to a more simplistic society. The land to the east of The Western Wall was split between the dragulin, the orcs, and the elves. The strip of land on the western coast that contained the capital, Orbooz, was magically split from the mainland and turned into the Death Island, and the anubi were stationed along the coast to guard against any yakuls that would come in from the island in force. Any land to the west of the Western Wall not inhabited by anubi were left to be re-inhabited by the native peoples.


The scars of war still persist to this day in the form of the social conflicts between the humans and the elves, most notably in the elven terrorist organization, the Rising Vengeance Clan. The shorter lived races involved, like orcs and dragulin, do not hold as much ill-will as the longer-lived and elves. Additionally, the punishments given to the yakul led a portion of them to remain bitter towards the rest of the world, and they continually plot a way to return to the mainland and successfully take it over.

Historical Significance


The Archaic War has a legacy of shifting the general paradigm of Belkora so much that historians use the end of this war to mark the shift from the Archaic Era and the New Era that people currently live in. It is also used as an arguement against the proliferation of humans on Belkora. Meanwhile, humans often view it as a source of pride, choosing to forget the awfuller actions. The Old Kingdom has their history as one of the pillars of their society, claiming to the birthplace of the Human Empire, while the Golden Empire claims to be their successor.
Conflict Type
Battlefield Type
Start Date
26 AE
Ending Date
0 NE
Conflict Result
The United Rebellion proved victorious


The Human Empire
The United Rebellion


The Empire had a large, professionally trained army alongside an imposing infrastructure and farming industry that could the army and transport them quickly. They did not have to technically succeed in a goal to win, they just had to outlast the rebels and then crush their headquarters.
The rebels had a large number of both foreign belligerents and escaped slaves who were slightly trained. They also have a cause they are fighting for, as opposed to just


Thousands of human soldiers were killed, as well as a sizable portion of the yakul elite, including King Zalla.
Thousands of rebel soldiers died, especially in the earlier days of the war. The greatest single day of casualties though is when King Zalla's palace collapsed during the Sack of Orbooz, and all of the fighters within were killed, including the legendary Kali.


The Empire sought to quell the rebellion and maintain peace in the land with them still in power.
The Rebellion sought to topple the Empire and prevent their further abuses of the people there, as well as stop the further expansion of the Empire.

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