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The majority of the citizens of Snowpoint are Tundran humans, although there are some non-humans, primarily in Hatae's orphanage.


The Viceroy of Snowveil also leads the city as the Chief of Snowpoint, where he acts as judge of any problems between citizens alongside his other responsibilities as the leader of the entire province.


Snowpoint has no walls or soldiers, instead relying on the hunting abilities of the citizens alongside the harsh environment to protect themselves from outsiders.


Snowpoint will often deploy hunters to kill local animals in order to trade the thick furs and animal fat into the Golden Empire trading system in order to receive the salt, metals, and large number of crops from the other parts of the empire, as well as imported from the elves.


There are no roads or anything in Snowpoint; however, there is a road leading to the city and a bit north of the city is the beginning of the road to Yula-Tila. There are some small huts in the city, with the only large structure having been the orphanage.


Most of the wealth in Snowpoint consists of animals furs and fat-based products acquired from hunting the nearby animals.


Snowpoint began as a village named Snowveil that was made up of people who settled down on the way southward from the Great Migration. They mostly subsisted on hunting the local fauna and farming small plants that need little sunlight. After being conquered by the Golden Empire, it became the capital of an entire quarter of the Empire, which received the city's original name of Snowveil, and they adopted the name of Snowpoint.


The people of Snowpoint live in small, one room sod houses that will usually have compacted snow and ice on the outside to increase insulation. After being integrated into the Golden Empire, they began to implement wood in some of their more important buildings, like that of the Viceroy's House.


Snowpoint lies at the top of a small hill in the tundra located relatively close to various caves that are resting places of wild animals.

Natural Resources

While they grow small plants in personal gardens are moving snow aside, the main resources of Snowpoint are the meat, fat, and furs from animals they hunt. They also use sod in the construction of buildings.
Alternative Name(s)
Snowveil Village
Location under
The Northern Tundra
Owning Organization
Golden Empire

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