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Sawtooth Swamp

Sawtooth Swamp
The swamp that dominates the southern portion of the Elven Peninsula where primarily lizardkin live, along with some drell that dwell underground.
For once, I am forced to take a side against the elves when looking at history.  They claim their battle is one to prevent savagery and barbarism from overtaking all of Belkora, but why are the lizardkin so savage compared to the elves, who ripped them from their homeland in the first place?
— Flip, The Big Book of the Land
  Originally known as the Venik Region, Sawtooth Swamp is the primary homeland of the lizardkin on the mainland. There has been conflict between the lizardkin and the elves, who previous owned the area, as the lizardkin battle for independence. The elves at the this point have been mostly pushed out to the north, except for a colony of drell who have made peace with the lizardkin. While the inland portions of the swamp are filled with danger and conflict, the coastline, especially to the south, is a common site for tourism and vacations. This is partially due to the unique, swampy environment, not found elsewhere on mainland Belkora.


Elven Kingdom Settlements


When the Sawtooth Region was first established, Aradance was the site of administrative power and where the Minister of the region dwelt. Since the lizardkin pushed elven influence to the outskirts of the region, Aradance has been the only elven settlement in the region, outside of the commercial site of Marshport. During this time, Aradance transformed from a thriving center of politics and culture to a largely martial camp where soldiers bunk up while generals receive orders from Metropolis.  


A largely commercial settlement that is the site of many vacations from across Belkora. The largest company in the city runs a cruise ship that goes around to some of the islands nearby. Despite being under control of the Elven Kingdom, the lizardkin have largely left the city alone due to a lack of aggression or control from the city. After the lizardkin pushed most the elven forces back to Aradance, the Kingdom has been attempting to once again assert its influence over Marshport once more by sending guards there via boat. This action has led to increased tensions between lizardkin and Marshport as of late.  

UML Settlements


The capital of the UML, as well as the Arits Clan, is where the representative of each clan meets to work together, especially regarding military affairs against the elves. Despite being where military ventures are planned, Ari-Ari is a largely domestic settlement, with most military affairs being treated like hunting trips. This large town is also the site of the where the Declaration of Lizardkin Rights was written. It was originally created by the elves as a settlement away from the laboratory that they were formally studied so that the elves could study how they act without the elves interfering.  


The largest settlement among the lizardkin, mostly due to being on top of the one of the branches of the delta. It is also notable due to being the first settlement created explicitly by the lizardkin themselves, without any elven interference. As such, Silioc is also the cultural center of the lizardkin with several budding artisans and craftskin.  


The third major settlement of the lizardkin, Shambla is the site of the original laboratory that the elves first brought lizardkin from their native island of Iguanos to study. After the lizardkin ousted the elves, they converted the lab into a church to channel the energies from a nearby lake that they considered sacred. As such, Shambla has become the religious center of the lizardkin, where many come from all parts of the swamp to perform ceremonies.  

Other Settlements


A settlement of drell that is primarily in underground caverns. A deal was struck between drell and lizardkin soon after the UML's Declaration of Lizardkin Rights. As long as the drell do not assert authority over the lizardkin, they may stay in their underground village of Drelise, where they shunted by the Elven Kingdom long ago. The relationship between the citizens of Drelise and lizardkin are well enough that lizardkin sometime come to the underground village, and the drell sometimes visit the lizardkin settlements.  

Dragon's Rest

An old, large tower that supposedly is the residence of an old dragon that takes the form of a humanoid to perform research on the ancient and arcane. There is no proof that that was the tower's purpose ever, but since everyone who has gone into the tower has failed to return, the rumors have enough credence that the tower was named after them.  

Fort Erlio

This wooden fort was established by the elves long ago to act as a center of military power in the Sawtooth Region. It also functioned as a checkpoitn between the two lizardkin settlements that the elves set up: Ari-Ari and Shambla. This made it a sensable choice for the first battle of the lizardkin's war for autonomy. Ever since chasing the elves out of it, they have not chosen to occupy the fort, instead looting it for equipment and destroying much of the study notes that the elves compiled on them.


The geography of the Sawtooth Region is that of a swamp biome created by the river delta moving through the area. The general topography of the region sees the elevation falls towards the coastline, with various hills and valley that lead to water pooling into some lakes.  

Turak River

A river that flows down from The Eastern Forest to the north that splits out into the Turak Delta, which creates the swampy environment. The flowing water  


Rationed Lake

The lake near Ari-Ari that was established by the elves when they created the settlement of Ari Ari. They used magic to expand the lake a bit and then moved fish into it periodically in order to control the number of fish that the lizardkin could eat while in Ari-Ari, hence the name. After the elves were pushed out, lizardkin of the Arits Clan made a policy limiting hunting in the lake to allow the fish within the lake to populate up to a level where the lizardkin can hunt freely without the risk of killing all the fish. In recent times, some of the limits on hunting in the lake have been lifted as the fish population rises.  

Ancestral Basin

A lake at the bottom of a drainage basin created by elves to act as a breeding area for lizardkin eggs. Specifically, when the elves learn that around half of the eggs laid by a lizardkin female at any given time die, they thought that being fully submerged would improve the chances for the eggs to survive. While that plan did not work, lizardkin do now use it as a spiritual site, embodying pure water. Within the lake and tiered indents circling around the wall all the way down to the bottom of the lake, where the eggs were meant to be placed.  

Bahr Lake

A lake in the western half of the Sawtooth region that rests next to the religious settlement of Shambla. Ignored by the elves at the time of their occupation of the swamp, the waters of Bahr Lake are relatively gunky compared to the other two lakes in the regions. As such, the lizardkin consider the lake as the epitome of the swamp within which they live. As such, the lake is worshiped as a giver of life in a metaphorical sense.

Fauna & Flora

The flora of the Sawtooth Region is primarily made up of cypress trees with moss hanging from the branches. There also various flowers that both float along the rivers as well as stand on stalks that are accompanied by dogweed and sawgrass. The swamp fauna in Sawtooth include larger animals like bears and alligators as well as smaller critters like otters and snakes. Flying above the waters of the swamps include ospreys, anhingas, and cranes. Amidst all of this are the humanoid races that inhabit the swamp.  

Races of Sawtooth


The lizardkin are the primary inhabitants of the Sawtooth Region, having been brought there by the elves long ago in order to study them. As time went on, the lizardkin spread out from the lab at Shambla, at first with the help of the elves, but later on there own with Silioc and the various nomadic bands of lizardkin hunters. Eventually, the lizardkin gathered representatives from each settlement at Ari-Ari to discuss their state of affairs under the elves. Eventually, they decided that since they were removed from their homeland back on Iguanos, the elves should provide them with a new homeland, with Sawtooth in mind. They proceeded to wage war on the elves, pushing them northward with their skill in stalking through swampland and general brutality compared to the elves.

Wood Elves

The elves first claimed this area for their own as the Elven Empire after the collapse of the Old Human Empire. They ruled over the region from Aradance and eventually brought lizardkin over to the area to study them closer, as they were the first major race found off of the mainland, believed to be unconnected from any god. As the lizardkin showed similarities to mainland races, they established Ari-Ari to study the behaviors of the lizardkin. However, eventually, the lizardkin determined that they wanted the swamp for their own land. The elves, though, refused to allow the lizardkin to take their territory without a fight. Unfortunately, the elves repeatedly lost battles, getting pushed back so that they only really control Aradance and Marshport.


The drell were forced into Sawtooth Swamp long ago by the wood elves in an attempt at a purge. Most of the drell within the Eastern Forest were pushed out into the swamp, where they fled to the natural underground tunnels. Down there, they worked on developing the area into a proper place for them to live. When the lizardkin declared their autonomy, the drell reached out to the lizardkin with a deal for peace upon which the drell do not encroach on the lizardkin's autonomy if they allow the drell to remain in their caves. Most drell on the surface of Belkora either grew up in the Sawtooth Region or descend from someone born there.

Natural Resources

The only major resource to be found within the Sawtooth Region is the products that can be taken from the animals within the swamp, especially bears and alligators. The trees could theoretically be cut down for wood, but with the large forest to the north, it seems pointless to take the trees from the swamp. Some of the flowers may be used in medicine, but it has never been tested before.


  • Sawtooth Swamp
    The swamp that dominates the southern portion of the Elven Peninsula where primarily lizardkin live, along with some drell that dwell underground.
Alternative Name(s)
The Elven Delta
Wetland / Swamp
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