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General Information

Razorbacks are an ethnicity of dragulin that is found along the border between the Tribal Lands and Orchaline, the homeland of the orcs . They include tribes of red, brass, and green dragulin. Due to their proximity to orcish war bands, razorbacks are more aggressive compared to other dragulin on average, especially towards orcs. They are often considered the guardians of the dragulin against any orcish aggression.


Culture and cultural heritage

Razorbacks have a rather bellicose culture when compared to other dragulin, honoring the spirits of dead warriors as Tos, heroic phantoms who give strength to living warriors. They often will paint representations of Tos onto weapons and pottery, hoping to summon their aid. They also believe that dying while fighting is the greatest way to die, guaranteeing a good afterlife, while dying off of the battlefield puts the spirit into jeopardy. As a result, Razorback bands will often pick fights between each other to help keep their skills sharp. Additionally, some bands will launch raids into orc territory to attack nearby orc tribes to both keep their combat sharp and scare off potential orc raids.

Shared customary codes and values

Razorback dragulin consider strength the most valuable personality trait in someone. Showing aggression and stubbornness to non-family members is valued as the greatest indicator of strength.

Common Etiquette rules

While aggression and rudeness are considered strengths when done towards strangers, when rude or aggressive to family members, a Razorback is considered cowardly and ungrateful. Also, when given advice or critique, especially on fighting technique, it is customary to graciously thank the advice-giver and at least give an attempt at utilizing the advice.

Common Dress code

Razorbacks usually wear a similar style to other dragulins, but they often sharpen the spines on their backs to both intimidates enemies and have an emergency weapon combat, which is where the name Razorback comes from.

Common Customs, traditions and rituals

There are occasional Tos ceremonies where Razorbacks burn offerings of small animals to the Tos in order earn their help in combat.

Coming of Age Rites

It is around the time of coming of age that Razorbacks begin the process of sharpening their spines. It is a week long process where a shaman slowly works on cutting blades into the keratin spines, making them into a triangular shape.

Common Taboos

Treating family with disrespect is the greatest social faux pas a Razorback could make.


Beauty Ideals

Razorbacks especially value strength in a partner. This refers both to physicality, like large muscles, as well aggressive behavior. The one exception is aggression towards family, as that is seen as undue aggression and will harm a potential future.

Gender Ideals

Female Razorbacks patrol and guard the band and any camp they make from both orc raids as well as going out and hunting for meat. Meanwhile, males stay home and raise and teach children in combat. While females are the main combat force to protect the band, males are expected to know how to fight in order to help in defense.

Courtship Ideals

Razorback courtship is similar to the average dragulin courtship, except that it is more aggressive. If a female is unable to reach a favorable deal with the heads of the band where her beloved is from, it is more common among razorbacks for the female to kidnap her potential mate in the middle of the night. Additionally, it is less likely for the female to be kicked out of the band if the marriage breaks off, especially if the female is a good fighter.

Relationship Ideals

Relationships among Razorback tribes are just as loyal and tight as other dragulin marriages. In addition, it is common for a couple to spar with each other as combat is a more prevalent skill among male Razorbacks.
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