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Orcish Festival Foods


Orcish Festival Foods is a list of recipes from ancient orc culture that orcs keep safe to this day in order to make the proper foods for their Festival Feasts. It is held and kept safe by the shamans of the various tribes of orcs as they are the only ones who are able to read the script of the ancient orc culture.

Document Structure


The manual is a list of recipes that are separated into three sections: Side Dishes and Appetizers is the first; Entrees is the second; and Desserts is the last. Each tablet is a separate recipe, with a list of ingredients at the beginning and then a series of instruction on how to make the food in question.

Historical Details


Orcish Festival Foods was originally just one of many paper-based recipe books from the old orcish kingdom, Ossalla. However, it is the only one to survive after the fall of Ossalla, leading it to be revered by modern orcs as the greatest food in the land. It was transcribed from the fragile paper onto more solid stone tablets. Over time, clans would copy down the stone tablet over time and distribute to various tribes within the clan until almost every tribe had access to the recipes for their Festival Feasts. Over time, the recipes were modified to utilize the resources more available to the orcs in the desert.
Manual, Culinary

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