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Hernevborg has mostly Oldean humans with a few escaped goblin and furgoblin slaves. They vary in age and profession, as Hernevborg is the most civilian of the four major cities.


The Jarl of Hernevborg rules, who is also the Hakunger or High King, and makes any and all laws over the city and the surrounding region. He can also make blanket laws over the entire empire.


Hernevborg has no wall or trained guards, excluding the Hakunger's royal guard. The city instead is guarded by a militia regulated by a graduate of the local school's combat training program.


Hernevborg trades out fish they catch to the other Jarls to distribute to their territory, as well as to the small villages within the Hernevborg territory.


Hernevborg is a sprawling concrete city with various housing areas, an administrative area, a large castle, a large schoolhouse, and an open air market. There are concrete streets throughout the city, but none coming out of the city. While there is no wall, there are large stones that mark the boundaries of the city.


Hernevborg being on the coast means they have a thriving fishing business.

Guilds and Factions

The High Castle has various unofficial factions that try to win the Hakunger to their side to carry out certain policies.


Hernevborg was supposedly the original capital of the old Human Empire before it was moved to Orbooz to the southwest. After that, Hernevborg became a ghost town for a long time until after the collapse of the old Human Empire, when it became a source of pride for humans and eventually the capital of the Old Empire. When the empire was established, the supposed descendant of the non-slave human traitor who helped defeat the empire declared himself the Hakunger.


The architecture of Hernevborg employs a Roman architectural style that has prominent use of domed roofs, hypocausts, and mosaics.


Hernevborg is on the coastline of The Northern Tundra, where they have access to fish.

Natural Resources

Hernevborg has access to a large amount of fish, which they distribute throughout the rest of the Old Empire.

Location under
The Northern Tundra
Owning Organization
The Old Kingdom

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