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Hatae Silpha

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

Hatae is as slender as the average wood elf. She is incredibly agile and has a large endurance though, especially for her age.

Body Features

Hatae has the tanned skin of the wood elves. When her hair is let down, it comes down to her calves, so she keeps it up in a bun. It is also gray with age, but silky and shiny enough that it is similar to silver.

Special abilities

Hatae is a powerful sorcerer whose magic draws inspiration from Divine Magic's abilities to heal others. She also developed a branch of sorcery focused on fire magic that she does not use.

Apparel & Accessories

Hatae wears a lavender robe with an emblem of some kind removed. Due to living in a cold climate, she tends to wear woolen scarves and gloves, along with insulated boots and a woolen lavender coat. She additionally has a hat that she wears that seems to be poorly made, as if a child made it.

Specialized Equipment

Hatae keeps a knife hidden under her robes in case she's in danger and is out of magic for the day.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Hatae is an elderly wood elf who takes care of orphans in the tundra to the north of the Golden Empire. She originally worked within the Empire and had raised human and non-human orphans alike, albeit, hiding both her identity as an elf and her orphans' identities as non-humans. She found Gildas after his exile and decided to take care of him and nurse him back to health. However, once he learned the truth of her orphanage as being for non-humans, he burned down the building along with all of the children before returning to the Silver Kingdom in order to reclaim his throne. She still carries the guilt to this day.


Hatae likely attended the College of Sorcery in Metropolis due to her proficiency with sorcery.


Hatae raised orphaned children in Snowpoint until Gildas Argent burned it down. Afterwards, she moved north and only raised one or two non-human orphans at a time.

Failures & Embarrassments

Hatae still holds a lot of guilt and shame for raising Gildas and keeping him alive during his exile from the Silver Kingdom, and by extension her part in his violent and bloody war.

Morality & Philosophy

Hatae believes that kindness should be repaid with kindness, and violence with violence. She also believes that the best way to make the world better is to initiate kindness onto those that you are indifferent towards.

Personality Characteristics


Hatae wants the world to be completely safe for non-humans, especially elves.

Savvies & Ineptitudes

Hatae is excellent when dealing with children, able talk to them at their level without condescending to them. However, when it comes to adults, she suffers horribly in conversation, unable to relate and find topics of discussion that do not revolve around her "children."

Virtues & Personality perks

Hatae is incredibly kind and caring, as well as helpful. She is one to take responsibilities for her actions instead of shifting the blame onto others.

Vices & Personality flaws

Despite her kind demeanor, Hatae holds grudges and she does not forgive easily. She also can be over protective, often not letting the orphans she raise stray too far from the orphanage.


Religious Views

Hatae is a follower of The Faith of the Four, and will often lead her orphans in elven prayers, even non-elves, as she believes that the elven gods are the kindest. She also based her sorcery off of clerics of the four, especially those of Flenos

Social Aptitude

Hatae is really good with children, but terrible at conversing with adults. However, she gets better with the elderly again.

Hobbies & Pets

Hatae loves to knit, often knitting things for her orphans.


Hatae is rare among elves in that she has picked up a Silvite accent, which is similar to a welsh accent. Most elves are not among humans long enough to pick up any accent.


Wealth & Financial state

Hatae lives relatively modestly, with a house just big enough for the number of people living in it. She often gets donations of food and clothes for the orphans she cares for from those living nearby.

Chaotic Good
Current Location
The Northern Tundra
Wood Elf
Year of Birth
754 NE 797 Years old
Current Residence
Invujik, a village north of the Golden Empire
Biological Sex
Hatae is straight
Soft, Hazel
In a bun, Silky, Gray
140 lbs
Known Languages
Hatae can speak Common, Elven, and Old Silvite

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