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Guvborg is inhabited by Oldean humans who are generally older in age, as it is a religious center where many clergy and guards live.


The city is run by the Jarl, who is also the Efkibiskup or Archbishop. He makes any and all laws that apply to the city and the surrounding area, although he cannot contradict any blanket laws created by the Hakunger.


Guvborg is the only of the major cities of the Old Empire that is surrounded by a wall and has a large amount of trained guards.


The largest building of the city is the Grand Cathedral, where the original Codex of Human Faith is stored, and where the Efkibiskup lives. All other buildings are administrative buildings or dormitories where the religious officials and guards live.


Guvborg is where the original Codex is, so the Efkibiskup has more authority on religious decrees than anyone else. This means that many guards are required to protect any documents and people, so that is where most of the Old Empire's trained fighters go.

Guilds and Factions

There are some factions among the various religious members who seek to have one of their own as the next Efkibiskup.


Guvborg was the village that the original Codex was found near. It eventually became the center of the Human Faith, and when the Old Empire was established became of the four Major Cities with the Efkibiskup as its leader.


The architectural style of Guvborg is similar to Romanesque style with small windows, semi-circular arches, and squat buildings with large widths. The only truly tall building is the Grand Cathedral.


Guvborg is in a relatively flat part of the tundra with a circle of small hills surrounding the area as a bit of natural defense.

Location under
The Northern Tundra
Included Locations
Owning Organization
The Old Kingdom

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